Saturday, February 11, 2012

Daily Water: from a series on Prayer

Do no harm

Whenever we go to "this" well
we find water --
and afterwards --
turning to our daily crises
and all the needful places
that there beset us -- we will find --
the living waves which help us face the reflections deep inside.

We might wonder why -- after having taken such a living drink --
We might ask: 'Why? How? From whence does such an echoing answer come?'

We might not know...

We may only find the springs spilling or rolling into the little moments?

Water so Vast...

Resounding implications? Not quite...
Conclusive peace?

Rather, just the right amount for "that requirement" alone...

For "that" cry.
For "this" bell.
For wandering over "those" paths --

Guidance for the "perfect" gift,
The next "right" move,
The "exact" word,
For "whatsoever is required" for "the" task --
For whatever is still left here inside in "this" current...

Living Water to carry from inside-out,
with the "wisdom of love"
for parched lips,

Like a gentle balm for the loved-starved face and hands,
A quieting for the aching soul and eyes

Deep Waters bringing forth the "sudden call".

Listen, to hear your "true name" -- to "know" the "true time" --


Follow the Call --

Follow the Sound

Follow the Living Water...


By Connie L. Nash

( The first from a set of poems on prayer is especially dedicated to those with loved ones in prison. )

Photo found here Bethlehem from south. Palestinian woman at a well, drawing water. Bethlehem, Palestine; 1938


Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

classic words, classic picture.

CN said...

Your brief few words mean so much to me as a poet. Thank You.