Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pakistan FLOOD: Coordination of Efforts

The New York Times ran a feature story on the use of an open source platform, Ushahidi, to coordinate relief efforts for earthquake survivors in Haiti a few months ago: here

Now a similar platform has been created by Faisal Chohan, a Pakistani social entrepreneur: here

The success of the platform relies on every relief effort reporting their activities, so that overlap efforts can be avoided and those who haven't received aid can be identified. Survivors, relief workers etc on the ground can report the need for supplies via text (3441 FL) or by web.

This initiative needs your help in order to gain traction and in order to make the relief coordination effort a better one. Please get in touch with Faisal Chohan (copied) and run stories in your papers and blogs and let people know about this initiative by word of mouth.

Help will also be needed in recruiting volunteers to verify incoming reports once traffic increases.


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connie nash said...

Another venture for flood reporting and coordination....