Friday, August 6, 2010

UPDATED: Pakistani Flood Victims: Ongoing Updates & Ways to Help

From 'All Things Pakistan' see more tips and encouragement on helping the Flood Victims - GO here


An appeal which appeals to the heart, mind, and soulhere

People affected by flooding received relief supplies in Nowshera, northwest Pakistan, Friday, Aug. 6. Stormy weather grounded helicopters carrying emergency supplies to Pakistan's flood-ravaged northwest Friday as the worst monsoon rains in decades brought more destruction to a nation already reeling from Islamist violence.
Photo Credit to Mohammad Sajjad/AP Prayers that no group of Aid distributors will use human need to manipulate. See Moving, Sad photo & news article AP/CSM here

self-explanatary photos, found here

Along with updating and specific information on how to help. Do keep watching this site and GET OUT THE WORD.

The blogger at Sapphirical is a Barrister at Law and has been interviewed by Pakistani Spectator. The interview was published here

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Connie L. Nash said...

Item continued from first comment above:

So inundation is life of forests and forests provide resistance to protect non Riverine areas from destructions of flood water coming for its life. Flood in Indus is not disaster but we have changed it in disaster by cutting 617,545 acres Riverine forests of Sindh. Inundation of Riverine area of Sindh was ever considered as life of entire Riverine area along with its forests, wild life, livelihood of local people, (like live stock, local honey, herbals, seasonal vegetables, fish, fire wood and others) indigenous culture and language of Riverine area.

Connie L. Nash said...

Comment #3 from items above

After shortage of water in Indus, natural system of rehabilitation of Riverine forests was suspended and deforestation in the name of operation against dacoits, damaged forest covers. Agro-forestry policy 2004 introduced for rehabilitation of forests proved itself as deforestation policy due to political influence and corruption in Forest department. Government spent billions of rupees for plantation funded from various International Institutions but failed for these above reasons and no forestry cover has been raised yet now. After 25 years nature has provided an opportunity to rehabilitate the Riverine forests through natural system of flood. This high line flood would inundate entire Riverine area and government along with forest department may rehabilitate over 6 laces acres forest cover in minimum cost which would provide security of non Riverine area in next times from destruction of flood. Inundation will remain in Riverine maximum for one month. Government and forest department would try rehabilitation through aerial reseeding and manual reseeding through local people. Through this strategy more than 6 laces acres forest cover would be raised in simple budget which is also need to meet the demand of the world under MDG and other promises by Pakistan Government. After inundation there is no need of lease policy in which Government has provided incentive to local people for 75% of agriculture against reforestation of 25% of leased area, because nature has provided cent per cent opportunity of rehabilitation.

Connie L. Nash said...

Part of and end of comments above...

We demand from Government that:

Instead of converting forest land in revenue status to gift it like minded landlords in the names of poor women, Government should declare all the Riverine forest as protected area regarding agriculture purpose. All the Riverine area should be rehabilitated through reseeding before the influential may cultivate the forest land
There is no need of lease so all the leases should be cancelled immediately.

Because this policy was introduce to increase forest cover now entire forest land could be reforested through flood water.
The entire budget remaining in Forest department accounts related to various projects of plantation should only be spent on purchasing seed of Babul for reseeding.

IDO is going to start the campaign “FLOOD WATER FOR REFORESTATION NOT FOR CROPPING OF INFLUENTIALS”. IDO has developed an online petition.

Please sign the petition and also forward to others.


Zain Daudpoto

Indus Development Organization (IDO)

B # 36 Faraz Villas-II near Nasim Nagar

Qasimabad Hyderabad

Ph: +92 22 2654117 +92 331 3556353



Connie L. Nash said...

Consider the Edhi Foundation as an avenue for alms/contributions. The following is from a sister activist for human rights:

"I don't know if it has appealed or not because it doesn't need to -- being so trusted and reliable they get funds -- Edhi Foundation -- among the greatest and most experienced in disaster welfare on scale (among other things) - I and many of my friends give to them regularly as do thousands of others at home and abroad. Also, they are being allowed to work in Sindh which most others are not free to do."

Connie L. Nash said...

6 Million Pakistanis need Immediate Aid as 1/3 of Country is Submerged

By Juan Cole

I can barely believe the words I am writing are not a nightmare from which I will soon wake up.

Connie L. Nash said...

Six million children have been affected by the floods, with some 2.7 million children in need of urgent, life-saving assistance, the New York-based United Nations Children’s Fund said in a statement on its website yesterday.