Friday, August 27, 2010

Swim the Ocean toward Him


Following is inspired by Rumi

The Ocean of Non-Existence...
The Beloved works there with nothing...
Exert yourself toward this pull.
Then your efforts will bring results
and you will see the wings of Divine attraction
come off the Nest and fly over
the Ocean toward you.

As the thread of dawn's black
turns into light
swim toward that
Your land light
are no longer necessary now...
Dawn is staring at you.
Sunrise is in your eyes.

The Cave of Swimmers is located in the Gilf Kebir plateau of the Sahara, in the far southwest of Egypt, and contains some fine examples of prehistoric Egyptian cave art. The walls are decorated with elegant images of people swimming.

The paintings in the Cave of Swimmers are thought discovered in 1932 by Hungarian aristocrat and explorer Count László Almásy - although Egyptians are quick to point out that local Bedouins were aware of its location already, and he was merely the first to map, explore and chart the cave, as well as publicize it to the wider world.

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