Saturday, August 21, 2010

BRING COMPASSION to Pakistan Flood Victims 2010: Short Videos Heart-Breaking!

This photo
of young refugee from flooding was on small Karachi Pakistan's youth team's site as they recounted collection of many goods - preparing to take assistance to flood areas.

SHORT Videos From Cecos Peshawar University CLICK HERE Amazing photos and music both speak a thousand words to the heart of us all.

Many evacuated from Peshawar area

Please donate to Edhi Foundation NOW - A most highly-respected organization which has worked in many places in and out of Pakistan. Beloved, saintly yet practical Edhi says his religion is "ALL OF HUMANITY" He, his wife and children along with his staff prefer always to work directly with the poorest of the poor, person to person.):

This group does not do Credit Cards (at least out of New York).For American readers, please send your check to:

USA Edhi international Foundation
42-07 National StreetCorona, New York, 11368 USA

Tel: (718) 639-5120
Fax: (718) 335-1978

Find other centers AROUND THE WORLD & Pakistan collecting for Edhi Foundation - CLICK HERE

See the many awards the Edhi Foundation has earned - CLICK HERE

Sindh is now being described as the worst-hit province

Young girl evacuated
photo credit to al Jazeera

( see more items on the flooding in the posts below on this site - OneHeartforPeace dot blogspot dot com )

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