Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An End of Year Catch-Up on Torture-Related Rights

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NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION in Washington DC USA January 11, 2012 (Hear Andy Worthington and many many others) GO here

Year's End:

Year of 2011 Torture News here

Torture Flight Profits from Autumn & recent history here

ACTIONS we can do from HOME: speak up for Omar Khadr -- READ Andy Worthington's latest: Christmas Thoughts for Child Prisoner Omar Khadr (PLZ send letters of outrage) GO here

We can do more internationally to help stop or prevent carelessness and use nuclear energy worldwide. Plz, GO to this NEW US - Japan Medical Study Estimates 14,000 Dead US Infants from Fukushima Fallout. here For one instance of neglect worldwide now often becomes EVERYONE's problem worldwide.

And remember the USA needs help worldwide to force our leaders to seek peace, negotiations & alternatives to the bully pulpit, drones galore, use of groups like Blackwater turned Xe now become after many other face-changes Academi.

MORE We Can Do together -- Support Professional Efforts to Heal Torture and Scars of War - GO here -- here -- here -- also --psychiatrists and torture here

Last but not least: Help END and PREVENT more abuses! Support all the groups giving us the facts such as No More Gitmos and Bill of Rights Defense Committee and the ACLU(along with their suggested actions)-- wherever you have time and can agree with these.

Support all the journalists and others calling for an end to DRONES such as the Nonviolent Christian Peacemakers, War is a Crime, World Without Hate dot org, World Cant Wait and longtime efforts such as Amnesty, Reprieve, Human Rights Watch and Center for Constitutional Rights CCRJUSTICE dot org -- all the lawyers, staff and activists who seek to end or prevent torture and other abuses to human respect, dignity and the right to a just trial.

Help existing democracies return to a day when innocence until proven guilty is the norm not the exception.

Right now, the CCR (Center for Constitutional Rights) is asking: Do Private Military Contractors Have Impunity to Torture? GO here There are many other such groups I've hightlighted on this site - just take a quick skim or cruise...

Here's to a torture and rights-abuse FREE 2012. Here's to a fulfilling year with healing for us all. Let's all do our part....


CN said...

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"Wired" on Blackwater become ACADEMI

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CN said...

UK Special Events: PRESS RELEASE: tenth anniversary of Gitmo