Wednesday, December 14, 2011

UPDATE: US: [Activists] Bill of Rights (1791-2011) R.I.P.?

Keep Watching: David Swanson on If you've only a minute or two Plz Call your Senators -- including the President -- Capitol Switchboard 202 224-3121
NOW to say NO loud and clear to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). (And even if this passes the Senate today -- CALL EMAIL FAX the White House. Plz, no excuses - don't delay! Find Contact Info for our US folk here See more in post below and here See also the House Vote on Conference Report: H.R. 1540 on Swanson's War is a Crime site where you can find more on on the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 Capitol Switchboard 202 224-3121

UPDATE December 15, 2011:

Senate Votes on "Defense" Bill Today

TODAY (Thurday) is the Senate's turn to vote on FY2012 "Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which the House passed yesterday evening by a vote of 283-138. This bill contains $554 billion for the Pentagon base budget and another $115.5 billion for the wars, and includes dangerous provisions for the "indefinite detention" of terrorism suspects. (Roll Call Here)We need to flood the Capitol switchboard with calls to our Senators calling upon them to Vote "No" on this dangerous and wasteful bill. Please add your voice TODAY: Capitol switchboard 202-224-3121.

FROM:David Swanson

Bill of Rights (1791-2011) R.I.P.?
Well, 220 years is a pretty good run, eh? Just in time for Thursday's Bill of Rights Day, Congress has included in a massive war and weapons funding bill an authorization of presidents and the military to imprison you or anyone else forever without a trial.

Step One: Call your representative and your two senators and demand that they vote No on final passage of the "Defense Authorization Act." 202-224-3121

Get the staffer you speak with to tell you why their boss would even consider voting yes on imprisonment with no trial. Post what they tell you at or GO here

Step Two: Tell the president to veto. GOhere or here EMAIL AND CALL 202 456-1111 -- 202 456-1414 (Go to previous click for other numbers. Do them ALL.)

The conference committee made changes to the bill to answer President Obama's concerns, not ours. The bill now leaves the president free to imprison or kill individuals without handing them over even to a military tribunal. The White House calls this "flexibility." The authors of the Bill of Rights called it tyranny.

Read: House And Senate Negotiators Agree On Bill Hoping To Avoid Obama Veto

Watch: Daily Show: Arrested Development

Step Three: Take part in an event on Thursday or gather together your own GO here for Ideas: of GO here

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Jan. 25, 2012, Washington, D.C., Stand With the Egyptian People.

Feb. 25-26, David Swanson speaking in Hilton Head, SC.

March 23-25, 2012, Stamford, Ct., United National Antiwar Coalition Conference

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April 3, 2012, David Swanson at McNally Jackson Books in New York, NY.

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CN said...

You may want to go several other places for more information and petitions:

Especially for Clergy and religious: or or

Also Center for Constitutional Rights - ccr justice dot org:
CCR Urges President Obama To Veto National Defense Authorization Act

This is about U.S. Citizens’ Right to Trial and relates to MUCH more...

See also

CN said...

On Thursday, the Reiterates David Swanson's Three Point Injunction:

SEE NDAA Martial Law 11th-hour 3-step call to action

Late Wednesday evening, concurring with ACLU, one of the nation's leading human rights activists David Swanson has released a 3-step guide for the public to take following the official announcement that President Barack Obama will sign the National Defense Authorization Bill 2012 to enact martial law, action by the president that human rights defenders says is definitely on the wrong side of history.

In an email with the subject heading, 'Bill of Rights (1791-2011) R.I.P.?,'...
Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch said, "By signing this defense spending bill, President Obama will go down in history as the president who enshrined indefinite detention without trial in U.S. law."

"In the past, Obama has lauded the importance of being on the right side of history, but today he is definitely on the wrong side."

...The day has been spearheaded by the Bill of Rights Defense Committee :

...Retweeted over one hundred times in less than an hour Wednesday evening is a message from ACLU reinforcing Swanson's steps to take: "Tell your member of Congress you to vote NO on indefinite detention. #FixNDAA #NDAA"

Two hours earlier, ACLU Tweeted, "House passes #NDAA 283 - 136. Contact Congress before the Senate votes #fixNDAA"

CN said...

Be sure to see the Op Ed I wrote just above:

The NDAA: The Rule of Law and Cakes