Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why should we allow War to be the "god" of our planet?

Will we continue to allow War to be the "god" of our planet or will we would-be peacemakers together make the difference?


Remembering and refusing to repeat ANYWHERE - December 27 three years ago in GAZA -- one of history's greatest crimes -- FIND here Gaza and go back in November/December three years ago to find archives on this site: oneheartforpeace

US CITIZENS: PLEASE CALL your legislators, leaders and the White House to demand respectful negotiation - no more instigation of war with bully back tactics.

Here is a startling piece about North Carolina USA legislators to US Congress:
"Three days ago by a margin of 410 to 11, Congress has just passed one of the most potentially dangerous pieces of legislation in world history, The Iran Threat Reduction Act.

Every member of the North Carolina delegation voted in favor except for two who were absent – both rock-ribbed Republicans (Myrick and Coble). While other nations and international organizations are attempting to criminalize war, the US congress is attempting to criminalize diplomatic contact and potential peace negotiations. This astonishing piece of legislation symbolizes the dangers Americans face from their elected representatives in government and those from the Military Industrial Complex who are actually in control of our government." This is according to the speech I found from Information Clearing House ICH here

North Carolinians and US citizens: WAKE UP! There's a light we can and MUST be doing to alert our leaders to REFLECT before they vote on the legacy they leave behind representing our voters. CALL and speak your mind -- yet I have found when I do research carefully, isolate a few main points and speak with respect I have the ears of my representatives longer and get respect back.

Just in today: US warns

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