Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Task Day: NO to Monsanto/YES to REAL Democracy

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Ever get perplexed if not frantic about the reams of actions you are asked to do every single day? So do I. And no longer can I as a "returning writer" afford to spend the time needed to sort and prioritize, let alone follow through on most if any of these. So, I've decided once a week is all I can usually afford. Let me do some of your research and homework for you, if you'd like...

Weekly now, I'm pulling together a few easy, select ACTION items to do for family, friends (and others far and wide) interesting in bettering the US and the World to consider. These will be Actions I am also doing -- which concern me deeply. They are Actions which -- after careful consideration -- weigh as both do-able and essential for the well-being of our human/natural society at large.

Say NO to the would-be worldwide corporate empire: MONSANTO

Let's Require Monsanto to Pay the Consequences for their many crimes worldwide (you don't need to go far to find out about their very shady, dishonest history; to see how many natural systems they've wrecked, how many decent and family farmers they've stolen heirloom seed legacies from and how ALL of our health world-wide is in grave dangers. Let's urge our leaders, presidents, whole food stores, local farmers, grocers, aid and food workers and others to say NO to Monsanto! Just sign the simple petition here

I learned from our adoped son born in Uganda that they've been fightin Monsanto for some time as have other African nations. Check out the sneaky way Monsanto has approached poor women and micro-credit in Bangladesh. See what has been going on in Pakistan with Monsanto and how pressure to bear has had an effect on officials. Look at the ONGOING work Haiti is doing to literally and metaphorically burn Monsanto seeds: PAKISTAN here HAITI here In many ways, other nations considered "less developed" or "poorer" could teach the yawning US a lesson or two here as in many other areas.

Re-Establish a REAL Democracy (find more items soon either here or in Comments for today)

The following concerns most directly the US right now - so if you are a US citizen/and or know one anywhere - plz let them know about the following crucial issues. If not, you may look for similar concerns about which to gather petitions or letters where you are.

See American Censorship dot org or GO here as there is an URGENT campaign to stop censorship - Act Quickly by call or email oppose the SOPA Stop Online Piracy Act because:

This legislation will kill jobs and stifle innovation.
It will make the Internet less secure.
It will risk censoring the Internet in America
It will give comfort to regimes that censor the Internet to undermine political freedom -- in direct contrast to America's stead foreign policy goals

One More Today: URGE President Obama to VETO the National Defense Authoriaztion Act (NDAA) NOW:(and be suspicious of our national leaders plans even if he does the VETO we wish -- no letting up on the way our gov't has turned back the clock decades if not centuries in terms of the Rule of Law! PETITION here

For a little more information, go to Andy Worthington's site -- here see the the top three posts or sowhere he "Laments the Death of Habeas Corpus for the Guantánamo Prisoners" on 12.12.11 and the others on our Judges: "Judges Kill Off Habeas Corpus for the Guantánamo Prisoners, Will the Supreme Court Act?” (some time back" in which he covered the latest grim news from the US courts regarding the Guantánamo prisoners’ habeas corpus petitions. He reminds us that "Last week, when the Senate voted, by 93 votes to 7, to pass the latest National Defense Authorization Act (PDF), they passed legislation that not only approved a budget of $662 billion in military spending for the next fiscal year, but also demanded mandatory military custody for all terror suspects seized in future." So, WELL worth your time to sign the CCR petition above, to call the WH if you have the chance, and to let at least ONE other person know to do the same.

I like that Andy also reminds us to "WRITE to the Forgotten Prisoners in Guantánamo – -- especially now as we come to the 10th Anniversary of the Prison’s Opening on January 11, 2012" Keep watching as a number of us will be surrounding the White House around that date to say ENOUGH already.
Coming to a neighborhood near you? (found image on TruthDig) For article related to the above, go if you have time to Truth Dig's article: "America the Militarized" here


CN said...

On the NDAA, here's a lawyer who's NO slouch...even IF Obama vetos the new ACT just now slipping past both houses, we may be in trouble unless we PRESS for BETTER. First see this lawyer, Vladeck's bio and some of his scholarship to date. The See his recent posting on these issues. BIO here:

Here's his recent BLOGPOST:

You may also want to see the comments under this new Huff Post piece on the NDAA:


CN said...

http://capwiz.com/grassrootsnetroots/issues/alert/?alertid=58601501Monsanto's Micro-Monster Could Kill Us AllMonsanto has unleashed a micro-monster that could kill us all.That's according to Dr. Don Huber, an agricultural scientist and expert in microbial ecology, who's convinced that Monsanto's genetically engineered "RoundUp Ready" crops are responsible for a new micro-monster that's causing an outbreak of new plant, animal and human diseases.Please watch Dr. Joseph Mercola's interview with Dr. Huber and then write USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, as Dr. Huber has, and urge him to place a moratorium on Monsanto's RoundUp Ready crops until scientists learn more about this deadly micro-monster.Watch this Alarming VideoTell Sec. Vilsack to Heed Dr. Huber's Warning!

(On the same site see the campaign to get GMO GE or Genetically Modified/Engineered Crops out of Baby Food!)

connie nash said...

Since there seems to be some reasoning that it's still worth a try with Obama - go ahead and contact him anyway...PLZ

THEN read what Rober has to say...http://www.readersupportednews.org/off-site-opinion-section/64-64/8920-focus-there-goes-the-republic