Monday, January 26, 2009

Gaza Crisis Page: How you can help - Mercy Corps


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Connie L. Nash said...

From a Palestinian in Ramallah to an American lady

Dear ,,,,

Its a great pleasure to hear from you...I dont know if u remember which of
the ppl u met in ramallah...

I am glad that we were able to host all of you and hope that you all had a great time.I know from your email that you all did see a clearer picture of what the Palestinians are going through.

As you all wish for a just peace,,so do we...people are tired of the impact of all this torture and hatred thats been going on for all these yrs. BUT nothing compares to the massacre that took place recently in Ghaza..that is
beyond belief...The Israelies are repeating what they say was done to them in Germany exactely! The targets,,,all civilians ,,Little
children,,women,,,elders,,who had nowhere to escape to..and always the israelies had the same excuse...when u see the destruction they have caused u can only think of what animals they are. little children left orphans,,,boys left blind,,,girls lost their legs,,,never mind the weapons that they used that the Dr's themselves say they have never seen anything
like it,,,the burns caused on the skin,,that eats away at you,,,they dont have any clue how to treat these burns!!!! And also,,,they say that the effect all those weapons have on the human body even after soooo many yrs,,,might be the cause of Cancer to all those ppl who were in ghaza...Then the US government say the wanna go to some arab country to look for weapons
of mass destruction??? All these weapons used by the isrealies were sent to them by the USA!

As for Obama,,,You cant imagine how we have high hopes that he will be a better and different President and maybe just maybeee someone will really see the light and do something about it in the middle east...I hope he doesnt dissapoint the Palestinians. We need to put an end to all this...Its enough...

Well...I dont want to bore u,,,I know u understand everything Im feeling and trying to say.......

I Thank you again for your kind words and support...May God Bless u and all the great ppl we had the Honor to meet .My Regards to you and your family,,,and anyone whom u still have contact with from the group.

Ava Salem....

From America:

The Friendship Force trip to learn about the Palestinian problem which made so many friends in Palestine, especially Ramallah, and
which opened the eyes of everyone on the trip, has continued to impact those who went. The hospitality was generous beyond what anyone could expect, and the understanding which the Friendship Force participants took away with them extends to this day. Everyone came away with a fresh view of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and understanding of the just cause of the Palestinian people. Since this was followed so closely by the September 11 tragedy in New York> City, our experience in Palestine and Ramallah was fresh in our minds, and I know of no one who changed their view of the justness of the Palestinian cause, even in the context of the horribleness of that day. I,
personally, have continued as best as I can, to support a Palestinian> state,
and a cessation of violence. At the moment I am focused on Gaza, and the Ahli
Arab Hospital there, which has been terribly impacted, by what has> been going on. By raising awareness and money is something I can do which has immediate results, although little in the great picture of the people who> are being killed..

(I sustain myself with a quote from Mother Teresa: "In> this life we cannot do
great things. We can only do small things with great> love." ...I pray and think of you all constantly, hoping you have made it thru
this> terrible situation.> > President Obama is appointing George Mitchell as special envoy to the> Middle East, a good man, and well experienced in this. Obama has said he> will work toward a Palestinian state. Let's hope it will be fairly done...> We will see how this works out. It must seem a very tiny and
almost weak> thing to rely on, but I hope this beginning will be one which will
grow, to> bring peace to both Israel and the Palestinian people, who have been
so very> badly treated. > > In the meantime I hope you will tell anyone who
remembers our trip that they> did a very good thing when they opened their homes
to us, which continues to> this day. It changed us, forever...