Monday, January 26, 2009

GAZA War viewed beyond usual sources...

These items may indicate part of the reason for the turning of Palestinians to help from places like Iran because of the hard-hearted silence of too many Americans and others in the West who are ignoring even the most strategic concerns of leaving such an humanitarian crisis mostly to other countries...

Isn't this somewhat like why the Sandinistas in Nicaragua turned to Russia during the US-supported oppression and war on the poorest and most in need?


Go to read an article by Alastair Crooke on why Israel-US strategy is not working with Palestinians and other key countries and more on the War in Gaza

Also how about this one?

See the latest on GAZA from Dreyfuss in THE NATION...he begins:
"Anger is boiling over in the Middle East over Gaza, and -- exactly as I predicted --the result of the war has been to boost radicalism throughout the region..."
in his newest on The Nation...
Arabs Pushed to the Brink...

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Connie L. Nash said...

Posted by Connie, blogger here, for a friend who's knows Palestinians extremely well...

This is an excellent video from CBS. This is the Palestine I see each time I go and the Palestine I deal with. This is the truth that the American people need to see and be aware of and the truth that Israel has tried so desperately to hide from the world.

--A friend who's made numerous trips to Palestine sent this:

free video from CBS.

Watch it now!