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ACTIONS - Sep 27th UPDATE: G-20 - Protest - over-reaction of US Military- Police Officials?/// ALSO: IMMIGRANTS concerns

UPDATES ON possible over-reach of US Justice Officials: blogger here at oneheart, Connie Nash added notes with (( )) which you can easily delete if wished before sending on the part of following you wish. (See another action underneath this one with special concern for IMMIGRANTS.)

BACKGROUND: Thousands opposed to G-20 march through Pittsburgh - Yahoo! News
A vociferous but peaceful group of several thousand people marched for miles through downtown Pittsburgh on Friday, ... G20 Summit. Play Video of Protests here
JUST IN: September 27:The most blatant show of military and police force left protesters tear-gassed, subject to piercing sound, shot with rubber bullets, and not allowed to assemble, while the population of Pittsburgh was kept off the streets and rounded up along with people there to deliver messages of opposition to the G-20 ministers.

We put a quick letter together which we will deliver on Thursday. Please circulate this link everywhere so that thousands sign on.

READ Cindy Sheehan's letter - See Videos of Police Arrests from Pittsburgh - and SIGN/register your concerns - GO here

(( I signed with the following statement: The over-reach of police/military activity and arrest is being seen the world-over. Do US citizens need even the appearance of fascism? What happened to free speech and the right to protest non-violently?))

((Look for coverage from Rob Kall of the NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD - see Recently this Press Release from NLG posted with comments at Common Dreams: here
Leave your own on oneheartforpeace or elsewhere.))

SIGN this letter of outrage at right, to be sent to federal and PA authorities. Deadline 10-1-2009 GO here

CONTACT these officials:

Luke Ravenstahl: Mayor of Pittsburgh 412-255-2626
Nathan Harper: Chief of Police, Pittsburgh 412-323-7800
Ed Rendell: Governor of Pennsylvania 717 787-2500

People of conscience must stand together in outrage and not accept this repression from the government on the people. We cannot allow these actions to go quietly into the night and be forgotten. We are seizing the opportunity to have our voices heard in unison, denouncing the fascist direction of this country. It is with the utmost urgency and for the sake of stopping the police state and reversing this course that WE WILL NOT BE SILENT.

By signing this statement we pledge to do everything we can to call attention to, and demand justice for those unjustly arrested and charged at the G-20 in Pittsburgh. The world can't wait! Outraged by the police/military repression of protest at the G-20 in Pittsburg? Sign this letter!


To: Homeland Security & Elected Officials & Law Enforcement in Pennsylvania

Thousands of people gathered in Pittsburgh during the recent "G-20" meetings came to dissent and express political demands. They were repeatedly denied the right to assemble over several days, and were met with a militarized police state.

We denounce the city of Pittsburgh, especially the Mayor, for combining domestic and military agencies for the purposes of surveillance of the protesters; riot squads on bicycles, and military troop transports; use of agent infiltrators into political groups, and provocateurs on the streets; revocation and denial of permits to assemble and mass arrests of protesters & bystanders alike, with weapons of mass destruction used on the people who only stand to exercise their freedom of speech.

Nearly 300 people were arrested, including juveniles. Some were physically abused, with use of batons and projectile devices. The charges are demonstrably political charges devoid of actual crimes committed.

Such abuses against protesters are NOT acceptable. We demand:

1) Charges against people involved in political protest at the G-20 be dropped immediately.

2) A thorough investigation of methods employed by law enforcement, and directed by Homeland Security and Chief of Police, including the crowd control methods and mass arrests; the conditions of detention of those arrested; and any ongoing surveillance and interference with the rights of those accused, arrested, or involved in the protests are contrary to the expectation of the rights to freedom of speech and assembly. Such investigations must include public hearings, and a real search for the truth in what happened.

3) A public report, dissociating your city from those methods found to suppress speech and assembly, and guarantee to the people that they will not be used again.

4) Rejection of the use of military involvement, or the use of federal agents in future protests.


Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can't Wait

FBI Data-Mining System Sifts Citizens' Travel Records
Wired News Wed, 23 Sep 2009 04:14 AM PDT

The FBI's got a secret database for terror, criminal and spying investigations, and according to government documents acquired by Wired DOT com, there are tens of thousands of records detailing Americans' airline flights, hotel stays and car rentals. The FBI is trying to use the database to predict future crimes.

--- Justice for Immigrants wrote:

From: Justice for Immigrants
Subject: It's not too late to tell Congress to stand up for immigrants!
Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2009, 3:46 PM

Immigrants STILL need protection

Take Action!
Contact your Senator on Health Care and Immigrants

Background: On September 16, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), introduced his version of health care reform in the Senate. The Senate Committee on Finance will likely debate this bill during the week of September 21. A key issue in the Senate will be whether legal immigrants are included in any health care reform proposal that moves forward.

Action: Your action is needed to ensure that legal and other vulnerable immigrants are treated fairly in health care reform. Significant grassroots pressure would send a message to Washington that Catholics consider immigrant health care an important priority. Please CALL your senators ASAP and ask that Congress to treat immigrants fairly in health care reform.

1) If you live in a state that has a Senator on the SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE, we especially need you to make calls!
Toll-free lines for ENGLISH:

Arizona: JON KYL: 877-426-8013
Arkansas: BLANCHE L. LINCOLN: 877-386-0172
Delaware: THOMAS CARPER: 877-386-0172
Florida: BILL NELSON: 877-386-0172
Idaho: MIKE CRAPO: 877-426-8013
Iowa: CHUCK GRASSLEY: 877-426-8013
Kansas: PAT ROBERTS: 877-426-8013
Kentucky: JIM BUNNING: 877-426-8013
Maine: OLYMPIA J. SNOWE: 877-386-0172
Massachusetts: JOHN F. KERRY: 877-386-0172
Michigan: DEBBIE STABENOW: 877-386-0172
Montana: MAX BAUCUS: 877-386-0172
Nevada: JOHN ENSIGN: 877-426-8013
New Jersey: ROBERT MENENDEZ: 877-386-0172
New Mexico: JEFF BINGAMAN: 877-386-0172
New York: CHARLES E. SCHUMER: 877-386-0172
North Dakota: KENT CONRAD: 877-386-0172
Oregon: RON WYDEN: 877-386-0172
Texas: JOHN CORNYN: 877-426-8013
Utah: ORRIN G. HATCH: 877-426-8013
Washington: MARIA CANTWELL: 877-386-0172
West Virginia: JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER IV: 877-386-0172
Wyoming: MIKE ENZI: 877-426-8013

(These toll-free lines will have a message that will prepare you to send a message about immigrant inclusion.)

Toll-free lines for SPANISH:

Arizona: JON KYL: 877-559-7809
Arkansas: BLANCHE L. LINCOLN: 866-584-3962
Deleware: THOMAS CARPER: 866-584-3962
Florida: BILL NELSON: 866-584-3962
Idaho: MIKE CRAPO: 877-559-7809
Iowa: CHUCK GRASSLEY: 877-559-7809
Kansas: PAT ROBERTS: 877-559-7809
Kentucky: JIM BUNNING: 877-559-7809
Maine: OLYMPIA J. SNOWE: 866-584-3962
Massachusetts: JOHN F. KERRY: 866-584-3962
Michigan: DEBBIE STABENOW: 866-584-3962
Montana: MAX BAUCUS: 866-584-3962
Nevada: JOHN ENSIGN: 877-559-7809
New Jersey: ROBERT MENENDEZ: 866-584-3962
New Mexico: JEFF BINGAMAN: 866-584-3962
New York: CHARLES E. SCHUMER: 866-584-3962
North Dakota: KENT CONRAD: 877-386-0172
Oregon: RON WYDEN: 866-584-3962
Texas: JOHN CORNYN: 877-559-7809
Utah: ORRIN G. HATCH: 877-559-7809
Washington: MARIA CANTWELL: 866-584-3962
West Virginia: JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER IV: 866-584-3962
Wyoming: MIKE ENZI: 877-559-7809

2) If you do not live in a state that has a Senator on the Senate Finance Committee, you can call the Capitol Switchboard:

English: 866-974-8813
Spanish: 866-584-3909

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