Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Simple Actions for Peace

Light a Candle for Peace (a beautiful INTERNATIONAL effort) available in many languages. Light yours for someone in special need, for your own personal, national or international intention or just for gratitude and silence. This is a place to come back often and to feel connected to many others around the world in the COMMON SOUL of HUMANITY here -- YOU can also read others' intentions and prayers here as well and add your positive energy and love to their prayers.

PERHAPS YOU WOULD LIKE SUGGESTIONS for ACTIONS you might take with US-International Issues and legislation on PEACE-related items and others such as the ONGOING concerns for people in Gaza and for prisoners still tortured in Bagram and those held indefinitely although innocent of all charges in the US "war on terror"?

TRY THIS: If you go to the most recent posts for your own interests during the last several weeks and check Both ACTION sites as well as COMMENTS you may find something easily suited to your time and interest. Some of these are for THIS WEEK and some are not. But most items of Action are good for a long time - adapted by you.

You may want to go to various topics which concern or interest you - whether listed as ACTIONS or not. You are likely to find NEWLY-ADDED international and US ACTIONS which are quite simple and usually quick to take. Add your own as well in the COMMENTS. Please keep checking these. Note also that many items for US citizens are also ones which can be taken by those in other countries and may even have more impact.

You may also sometime want to check out another blog I do with my friend, Susanne of Germany here

Pretty soon, I hope to UPGRADE some aspects of this blog. Thanx for stopping by and tuning in. Send any personal suggestions with ONEHEARTFORPEACE - Suggestions in Subject heading to me, Connie, at

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Connie L. Nash said...

Light a candle for those suffering in this terrible Tsunami with powerful quakes!