Monday, September 28, 2009

Protest Musharraf at the Meyerhoff Tues US Sep 29- 7:30- OUTSIDE

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Protest to say NO to torture, killing and disappearances no matter where and from whom. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Protest to say NO to torture and disappearances. ... Remember the force more powerful than violence!

Remember the force more powerful than violence!
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Protest Musharraf at the Meyerhoff Tues US Sep 29th 7:30 OUTSIDE
1212 Cathedral St., Baltimore, MC 21201-5556

Protest Musharraf at the Meyerhoff

Place: 1212 Cathedral St
Baltimore, MD 21201-5556
Date: September 29, 2009
Time: : Musharraf's speech starts at 8 PM and will be closed to the public. [Be there OUTSIDE Meyerhoff at 7.30 PM]

Why protest?

Because war criminals and the arts do not mix.
The Meyerhoff has done it again! Last year, they hosted war criminal Madeleine Albright and Islam-hater Salman Rushdie as part of their annual Baltimore Speakers Series. This year, they honor former Pakistani dictator General Pervez Musharraf.

Why Protest?

* Musharraf helped "disappear" many innocents to Guantanamo, where they (including child prisoners) were held under horrific conditions, tortured, and abused.

* He ordered the demolition of numerous mosques, from which he feared opposition (this was usually instrumented by Muhammad Ijaz-ul-Haq, then Minister of Religious Affairs).

* Musharraf is the only Pakistani general to call out 10,000 troops against a major, functioning masjid.

Under his orders, the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa Women's Seminary (both in Islamabad) were first besieged by tanks and heavy artillery, then stormed by his elite U.S. trained-commandos.

Over 150 people (by very conservative estimate) were killed in the Lal Masjid massacre. Many of these were young women who'd studied in the madressa. Musharraf’s army also issued a shoot-to-kill order against journalists during the siege. [Unofficial but usually reliable sources say the death toll was above 1,000. Musharraf’s troops used phosphorous against the youths in the mosque. Those killed included the ailing mother of the leader of the mosque.]

For these, and other war crimes, Musharraf ought to be tried--not honored at the Meyerhoff!

We call on all people of conscience to peacefully picket outside the Meyerhoff while Musharraf is speaking


Connie L. Nash said... Musharraf speaks at Brown - Wednesday, September 23, 2009
By Philip Marcelo

Some Muslims call him Busharraf

Connie L. Nash said...

Long Interview recently at ABC's Good Morning America

Also notice that Musharraf recently spoke at Brown and you will find Rhode Island news about the speech.

Connie L. Nash said...

There are some mixed feelings among people I trust who are Pakistani as to the efficacy of this protest. Please be sure to consider whether or not to go carefully and perhaps seek wisdom from whom you trust before attending this protest.

Alternatives might be some manner of peaceful protests and challenges regarding Israel's ongoing mistreatment of Muslims/Arabs in Israel/Palestine including a recent attack on a Holy Place. I am trying to learn more about the latter.

Connie L. Nash said...

Posting from an Anonymous source:
I thought this sounded well-versed and wise:

" is true that many mosques are bourne of squatting and are illegal. as was the case with some/all [?] of the islamabad mosques. and some people at these mosques were definitely militant, the same time the treatment some of these people received was harsh and betrayed all sense, ignoring the courts... Be that as it may, Musharraf ouster was supported by many who cared for the Rule of Law because as as the Chief of Armed Forces he violated the constitution, elected rule, and civilian life, and threw out a defiant judiciary. So I hope people can protest Musharraf's appearance under such a banner (rule of law, respect for separation of powers and the like) rather than a call from (any) from whom (this may be) an agenda, hiding (some)who would abolish religious tolerance behind the banner "muslim"...

(We) need to separate these things a bit :)

I am grateful for this wisdom from anonymous yet experienced source.

Same time, I would like to also add another banner in which to protest a man who cooperated with US leaders on the arrests, bounty-"selling", kidnapping and torture of many.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Connie L. Nash said...,-2009-t10290.html-st=0&sk=t&sd=a

Connie L. Nash said...

Interesting that Blackwater related groups have been reported in Karachi based in buildings near former Musharraf quarters. Might mean nothing but then again, it might? Just because Musharraf talks a politically correct talk about Palestine/Israel doesn't mean he has no ulterior motives for his speaking in the US and possible future plans in Pakistan. After all, he was highly supported by Bush et al so why not now as well? Shame on US institutions and educational centers to allow him to speak.