Wednesday, September 23, 2009

IN the SPOTLIGHT: 10 Ways the US Military Has Shoved "Christianity" (so-called) Down Muslims' Throats

NOTE: This post should make apparent the UGLY side of Religion of any sort - Especially Pseudo-Christianity today which marries Warfare to this sick brand of so-called "evangelical Christianity"... or any other Pseudo-Religion.

We need to constantly compare and ask what is the difference between the "terrorisms" of our day? And where can we find, demonstrate and dialogue with the beautiful aspects of various spirituality which love and foster peace? (These are available and need more exposure since the "dark side" is getting way too much.)


It's not just private religious organizations that act like Christian crusaders.

IF the above doesn't get to our American Consciences, TRY THESE:

Take a look at the video called "This Is Where We Take Our Stand" (here ) which shows a U.S. veteran in tears after having mistakenly called in air strikes against an Afghan village.

For powerful footage along the same lines see the "Winter Soldier" videos: here

Or consider showing Robert Greenwald's new film "Rethink Afghanistan." (ADD PAKISTAN) There are six parts available now online, covering the civilian casualties, the financial costs of escalation, the futility of the occupation, the impact on Pakistan, the impact on women, and expert views on the impossibility of "victory." Check it out: here

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