Saturday, September 5, 2009

Islamabad: No Blackwater in Pakistan? Opinion

BLOGGER'S NOTE: Regardless of exact details on Blackwater (or any other clone or offspring or US Contracting group used by US military) there is plenty of evidence to show that they or some version of them is in Pakistan. US NEEDS TO GET THEM ALL OUT OF PAKISTAN NOW! Pakistan needs to say NO to US contracting groups. There is plenty of recent history to show they have been counter-productive, illegal and immoral wherever they go: New Orleans, Iraq, Afghanistan. So why PAKISTAN too? They are undercutting diplomatic and other helpful relationships US and Pakistan have had and will not help restore respect for the US in world at large. As far as US sources go, keep reading Jeremy Scahill who has continual articles out on Blackwater and versions of the same. Watch at this post for more UPDATES. (some may be added under COMMENTS)

From Sat, 05 Sep 2009 06:36:36 GMT

Islamabad has rejected reports that the US Blackwater security contractor, which has gained ill-fame in Iraq, has now expanded its activities to Pakistan.

“Blackwater is not operating in Pakistan, we have our own system, rules and regulations and will not allow any body to operate from here," Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Friday, Press TV's correspondent reported from Islamabad.

Malik's comments came after sources from among the Pakistani intelligence agencies, citizens and political parties reported that Blackwater USA was present in the country.

Pakistani Defense Analyst Sheerain Mizari says that the notorious security firm is now not only operating the Northwest Frontier Province but also in the capital Islamabad.

She believes that the Blackwater operators are also active in Peshawar and Quetta. According to Mizari, two Blackwater men were among those who died in the recent attack on Pearl Continental Hotel in Peshawar.

The US embassy, however, has refused to comment on Blackwater's presence in Pakistan.

“We don't discuss security, issues related to the security that include the contractors, who are assigned the security tasks,” said embassy spokesman Richard W Snelsire.

Reports of company's presence in Pakistan follow a strange decision by Islamabad to allow an employee of Blackwater, who was deported for establishing illegal contacts with pro-Taliban militants, back into the country.

Craig Davis was found guilty of engaging in secret discussions with pro-Taliban militant leadership without taking any branch of the government into confidence.

Although Blackwater continues to work for the US government in Iraq under the disguise of its new name, Xe Services LLC, it is still under investigation in the US for the killing of 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad almost two years ago.

Five former Blackwater guards have already been indicted for their roles in the massacre.

This is while the firm's owner could face murder charges over the disappearance of individuals cooperating with US federal authorities in charge of the probe.

In sworn statements filed on August 3 in a Virginia federal court, a former employee and a former US marine testified that company owner and CEO Erik Prince murdered or arranged the murder of those planning to provide information against them.

In a seventy-page motion, they also accused Prince of a list of other criminal activities such as smuggling weapons into Iraq, using child prostitutes, and deploying mentally ill recruits.


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ReeBz said...

It is understood and obvious that Black water is present is Islamabad in large number and is also very active in weird activities.

There is already no good thoughts for America in the eyes of a common Pakistani and the activities of such intelligence/security agency is even adding more to it.

I do agree that XE cant perform its tasks so openly if we had some loving Ruler at the place of Zardari.

This is Pakistan's bad luck,since after Quaide Azam, we have got only dictators and treacherous leaders to govern Pakistan..

i just hope and wish for the safety of Pakistan.. for the safety of my dear mother land!!

My question is why America is needing to extend their embassy in ISB?
Secondly why they have bought several acres land in ISB?

thirdly Why there are more than 200 houses for XE in Capital?

Can anyone answer these WHYs?

Ghazala Khan said...

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Connie L. Nash said...

I am most honored to receive this request. Yes, I will email you. I also appreciate the work you are doing and love your goal: "to foster peace, progress and harmony with passion."

Connie L. Nash said...


Your questions are so astute and encourage me more than ever to work at more cooperation between American and Pakistanis who really want to change this unwanted state of affairs for BOTH nations.

If you can spare the time, collect and send or posting to me URLS from actual facts/corroborated reports from that end. Many pieces of fact are missing from this end.
(Needed for reporters here and there: what exactly and when are these "weird activities"? Our President, Military, Congress and citizens need to know. And we need these facts.

In this day and time, our nations worldwide are affected by but can't be completely silenced by any of our leaders who don't follow human rights all the time or may themselves be somewhat unawares given their many duties.

This is the time in history like no other for common citizens to work with experts across the globe for peace, justice and cooperation. For rights and liberty for all.

We can find peaceful ways to address the travesties...better so with hands held across the oceans as we each seek truth and right actions.

Always keep in mind that our most holy masters and most powerful visionaries believed that one day "All will be Well"... they saw this day which we are just beginning to approach. Hang On!

Thanx so much for your comment!