Tuesday, September 1, 2009

KEY Documents Witheld and more on Torture Cover-Ups

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9/1, Daphne Eviatar, Washington Independent, As Expected, CIA Continues to Withhold Key Documents

9/1, G.W. Schulz, MinnPost, Assessing RNC police tactics: missteps, poor judgments and inappropriate detentions

9/1, Jaclyn Belczyk, Jurist, Federal judge denies Al Odah Guantanamo habeas petition

9/1, Jeffrey Kaye, Public Record, Torture Cover-Up: The Real Reason for the Psych Evaluation of Abu Zubaydah

8/31, Jason Leopold, Public Record, How a Health Benefits Law Formed the Basis For the 'Torture Memo'

8/30, Leonard Pitts, Jr., Miami Herald, Luster is off Obama's `high moral ground'

8/28, Associated Press, Tents + Tortillas + Tecate = Trouble: Feds

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"America's programs of extraordinary renditions and harsh treatments for prisoners have not, when considered strategically, been weapons AGAINST terrorism...Ultimately these are tactics that ENCOURAGE terrorism and help lose the war. Ignoring human rights helps recruit terrorists, justifies terrorism, and defeats the best thing we have going for us -- the fact we stand for something better: for freedom, tolerance, and laws that protect all." Stephen Grey September 2006 End of his book -Ghost Plane- St. Martin's Press


Connie L. Nash said...

A VERY IMPORTANT ANALYSIS about why TORTURE not only doesn't work but is terribly wrong...showing how influential media can really get out the most counter-productive messages time and again...THANX KEITH for sending this one and many more!


Connie L. Nash said...

Current News UPDATES
9/3, Matthew Taylor, Guardian (UK), Lawyer 'denied access to tortured Guantánamo detainee'

9/3, Zaid Jilani, ThinkProgress, Inhofe: 'There has never been a case of torture' at Guantanamo Bay.

9/3, Editorial, Los Angeles Times, Torture's fallout

9/3, Frances Tobin, Politics Daily, Torture Memo's John Yoo Welcomed Back to Berkeley by Protesters

9/2, Asha Rangappa, Slate, Torture Makes the FBI's Job Harder

9/2, Devin Rees, Examiner.com, Massachusetts pandemic response bill would allow the government to enter homes and detain citizens

9/2, Editorial, New York Times, Dick Cheney's Version