Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aafia for Davis? The Demand for an exchange? Protests and Polls

"Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a graduate of MIT, allegedly fired at US marines in Afghanistan, trying to escape her captors after several years of rape and abuse. (Recently an earlier US document states ONLY that Aafia pointed the gun but did not mention any shooting at all.) Her three children faced a similar fate in Baghram prison run by the Americans. During the trial the defense was not able to find any evidence of firing or bullets, and the frail and beaten up Aafia she supposedly overcame a strong US Marine. Ms. Siddiqui’s please of self defense, were not accepted, she was tried and convicted in a US court of law and the US has not extradited her back to Pakistan." (Paraphrased slightly from Pakistan Today February 13, 2011)

Photo of Dr. Aafia's son internet cache sometime ago.
Many many ordinary peaceful Pakistan citizens have been crying for Aafia's release and repatriation for a long time.

Recently, the plea for return of Aafia in order to meet the demands of US for Raymond Davis are coming from all over the Pakistan nation as well as from the US. Read article from FireDogLake from February 15th, 2011 here and also from lawyer Tina Foster's work and call for the same - see her recently-released documents at International Justice Network.

UPDATE: The family may want to hold to a rejection of this plan while still calling for Aafia's repatriation?

See various headlines Former Pak Spy Chief Warns Gov't Against American's Release here and US Demands for Davis' release and Pakistani Resistance against his release unless in exchange for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui here

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For a thorough and expert ARCHIVE/Op Ed and Chronology of Dr. Aafia's treatment at the hands of both the US and Pakistan and related items - go to
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