Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Poetic Fractal Moments

"Who knew mold spores could make a petri dish look like a Persian tapestry! This one reminds me of a peacock’s fan – which by the way is also a fractal pattern."
This quote is under the above illustration - found at the bottom of
"Patterns in Nature" see last line for urls below.

By the way, an expert student of physics, fractals and such whom I met in
my writers' group suggested to me it was important to remember that fractals
were patterns that could be made INFINITELY and yet within BOUNDS. I can't quite get my mind around that statement - can anyone reading this help me out in the comments
section below? (Sorry but I don't have the stamina to accept and sort out anonymous comments at this time unless they are clearly appropriate.)
at this time.

Here's a delightful poem I just found:

Chaos Theory

Within the realm of Sanity

things are catalogued and even, lined up in orderly rows.
Strolling in the garden, the immaculate flowers are prim and proper,
presenting perfectly round handkerchiefs
on rail-straight arms without thorns.
It only rains on Tuesday nights,
and the orderly days are invariably sunny—
but Sanity can be tiresome,
and when the perfume of roses begins to sicken me
I flee to the realm just outside Sanity, just inside Bedlam.

There, it’s sunny any night it decides to be
and snail-shells can come pouring down from a clear green sky.

The garden paths twist back on themselves, leading to nowhere alcoves
where carpets of ferns play over rough-hewn triangular rocks.
Square-rooted trees with zigzag crooked branches
lift fine-cut leaves to the growing light.

Here, on the fringes of imagination, I can quiet my yearning spirit.

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