Saturday, February 19, 2011

UPDATE 21 Feb: LHC moved against shifting of Davis from Lahore

Updated from February 20-21, 2011: Pakistan media, US National Public Radio (, the Guardian, Wikipedia, Russian and Other US reports (also see comments below this post for more items.

by Monday 21 February 2011 most high-profile media seem to either be reporting as fact or actually stating as fact that Raymond Davis was/is in fact a CIA operative which along with weapons and other items he possessed may cloud the US claim that he was in truth a diplomat. Also, it has been established that he had never gained a legitimate permit to enter Pakistan and travel freely as a diplomat. Suspicions are raised when investigation found out that the US tried to get him on Pakistan's diplomats official list AFTER the crime/accident. Some suspicions have also been raised that Davis may or may not have had some links to a terrorist group and/or plans as either a spy and/or the carrier of dangerous items to a terrorist group. The latter suspicions have yet to be corroborated/verified.

The Daily Times (Pakistan) Sunday 20 February 2011

LAHORE: Barrister Javed Iqbal Jaffree on Saturday filed a petition before the Lahore High Court (LHC), asking it to direct the government not to remove US gunman Raymond Davis from the Lahore district and should not issue any forged immunity letter to save the accused. The petitioner stated that the government was trying to shift the accused from Kot Lakhpat Jail to Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi to pave the way for his escape from the country.

He said the accused should not be shifted from Lahore until final decision of the court. He said the federal government was intending to give immunity to the accused under Vienna Convention, which was illegal.

The government officials should be barred from issuing any backdated or forged certificate of immunity to the accused, he said, adding that certified copies of all the documents and the relevant record related to Davis case be provided to the court.

He said that all the relevant authorities in Pakistan should be cautioned and directed that Raymond Davis’s fake identity was Raymond Allen Davis and not Raymond Davis Allen, as erroneously notified by the government authorities in Exit Control List (ECL).

He requested that revising its earlier order of putting name of the accused in the ECL, issue directions that photographic identity must be distributed countrywide and photographs of Davis be provided to all airports and exit points throughout Pakistan.

He said a US TV revealed that the driver and his accomplice, who crushed Ibadur Rehman to death, had safely reached US. He stated that there was no need for the federal government to ask for three more weeks to respond on the immunity question of the accused. He said Davis should be treated as a murder accused and no special benefits should be given to him. staff report

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Connie L. Nash said...

Several newer pieces of information have been surmised/alleged/stated in public arena:

Questions have been raised by for 20th Feb that may incriminate Davis for possibly giving dangerous materials to al Qaeda or other terrorist group.

These questions among others are also raised by Islamabad Globe for Sunday 20th February.

The Daily Caller dot com - siting The Guardian brings up the likelihood that Davis may be an American spy.

Many sources in Pakistan, British, Russian, American and Indian sources raise again the basic questions as to where the US officials can claim Davis was/is a diplomat.

Evidently, many precautions are being taken to keep Davis safe - even from US officials - including the CIA - in order that the US themselves will not attempt to do harm to Davis to prevent exposure of some details.

The Islamabad Globe provides yet another summary indicating why under Pakistani Law the US officials resorting to use of Vienna Conventions on diplomacy don't relate.

Reports on the cessation of drone activity are also reported in various recent articles.