Friday, February 25, 2011

Amnesty Release and worldwide Updates on the Many "Revolutions"

Calls for UN skill and pressure needed immediately in Libya and ongoing.

Security Council must refer Libya to International Criminal Court
Embed: Amnesty International's Philip Luther on Colonel al-Gaddafi's role in the current crisis

© Amnesty International
25 February 2011

Amnesty International has today called on the UN Security Council to refer the situation in Libya to the International Criminal Court and impose an immediate arms embargo, ahead of a planned session in New York on 25 February.

"Colonel al-Gaddafi and his chain of command have to understand they will answer for their actions," said Salil Shetty, Amnesty International's Secretary-General. "They need to see that investigation and prosecution are a reality they will face."

"This should act as a wake-up call to those issuing the orders and those who carry them out: your crimes will not go unpunished."

"Members of the Security Council must act now to stop the outrageous abuses taking place on the streets of Tripoli and elsewhere in Libya."

The organization repeated its call of 23 February to the Security Council to immediately impose an arms embargo on Libya preventing transfer of equipment and personnel, and to implement an asset freeze against Colonel al-Gaddafi, those associated with him, and anyone else involved in human rights abuses.

Release and More such as these items also on the Amnesty URL listed

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Besides these listed, al Jazeera and (US National Public Radio) are doing quite a piece of work reporting LIVE and the signs of GRAVE abuses from anyone with weapons is growing grave indeed. Although easy to see how violence is getting out of hand and derived from rage and fear, there are now beheadings, torture and wide-spread detention. Also, there are the unnecessary attacking and wounding - killing of anyone black -even those not working nor siding with the Libyan state nor against the peoples' cause.

Day of Rage here

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