Friday, February 25, 2011

Some Pakistan Officials Shine the Light on US Abuse

There seems to have been a bit of a shift recently between the US and Pakistan - "triggered" (in more ways than one) by the so-named "Raymond Davis".

At first this incident may seem to be an impossible state of affairs and near tragic for two nations which may continue to be somewhat inter-dependent. Yet, Pakistan's resolve not to release Davis, whatever the combination of motives, may be helping to add honesty and disallow the arrogance and residual colonialist attitudes.

The fact that key players in Pakistan continue to hold firm may be a signal in the direction of more human rights sought and expected for both Pakistan and the US.

Reasons to expect some positives to eventually emerge from this current and quite messy conflict are multitude. These changes for the better may not be obvious for quite awhile. They have foundations in sound social dynamics which include the needs and cries of the masses - rather than the often duplicitous principles of both US and Pakistan's so-called "higher" and "special" intelligence.

When the light of rule of law comes to bear on complicated world events - the education of people everywhere from every class becomes routine. In these times, the most basic rights of persons as well as of nations are rapidly becoming essential in all our foreign affairs. Just law and basic rights - both alone and together - help prevent dishonest media from hiding actual facts. Formerly missing information comes to the surface at last and helps connect rule of law to human rights to honest media.

Then, add to ALL of the above, multi-layered cultural and historical nuances. These are progressively understood by more and more people - young and old - from all classes. (At least this is seen more and more as a deep and great longing as many of our world's nations are highlighted in turn on world media.)

While sometimes helped by formal education, no longer are those highly-motivated limited by the lack thereof. Self-education and life experiences themselves, when reflection comes to bear, is often enough for the common citizen to get the jist of the truth underneath the array of flimsy lies.

Finally -- as worldwide events move in an unprecedented pace -- vital information - like a flowing river - becomes unstoppable.

Due to all the above named dynamics, atrocities - like cockroaches - have fewer places to hide. Brutal and careless actions should (and often do in our time) have fewer ignorant and manipulated supporters.

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