Monday, January 5, 2009

Is Israel Committing War Crimes?

To whom is she accountable? What about her alleged use of phosphorus in Gaza as in Lebanon? There is quite a bit of evidence BREAKING that Israel is using White Phosphorus (allegedly as a "smokescreen" to bomb Gaza residents - yet we have seen the results of this kind of bombing by Israel in Lebanon in 2006. If this report is corroborated--there needs to be an outcry by all the humanitarian organizations world-wide and Israel needs to be held accountable.

"British experts said that if white phosphorus had been used in an area as densely populated as Gaza then Israel might have committed a war crime. 'If phosphorus was deliberately fired at a crowd of people someone would end up in The Hague,' Charles Heyman, a former major in the British Army, told the Times.

Israeli forces have now seized sparsely populated areas in northern Gaza and by today were dug in on the edges of Gaza City.

Troops took over three six-floor buildings on the outskirts of Gaza City, taking up rooftop positions after locking residents in rooms and taking away their cell phones.

Truck driver Mohammed Salmai said: 'The army is there, firing in all directions. All we can do is take clothes to each other to keep ourselves warm and pray to God that if we die, someone will find our bodies under the rubble.'" (This is an excerpt from report January 05 12PM Daily Mail dot co dot uk - online.)

Speculation: Israel has been accused of using phosphorous which is banned under the Geneva Treaty of 1980 during its strikes on Hamas . The International Red Cross says should be completely banned. (See more on the use of this controversial weapon - & it's alleged use in the current Gaza Seige in the post just below.)

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