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CAIRO Speech & Commentary Ongoing

UPDATE placed here Sunday June 7, 2009

June 7, 2009...4:36 pm. Obama Speech Draws Spirited Response From DC To Damascus. Jump to Comments. by James M. Wall Obama Cairo cropped

More Analysis:
--- Willian Pfaff on highlighhts conflict between Obama and Netanyahu
--- US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation says the President did not go nearly far enough, and tells us what Obama should have done.
--- Ali Abumina of the Electronic Intifada says Obama is essentially continuing Bush's misguided policies.
--- Uri Avnery says speech marks the start of a new world order of internationalism and respect for others, and the end of Israeli's right-wing government.

VIDEO here along with many reactions/responses from variety of sources
US & International News here

SEE: Obama's new era in international diplomacy just out...
By The Daily Star of Lebanon - Friday, June 05, 2009 (having trouble with URL, search for or come back later please...

VIDEO, TRANSCRIPT with Commentary here

VIDEO and Commentary

TRANSCRIPT of Speech with Worthington's Commentary and various immediate reactions here

Pakistan English News: here

A Christian Social Justice Magazine:here

Jewish Voice for Peace here

Think Progress: here

Further reactions in terms of current happenings and disconnect between these and the speech (site about GTMO prisoners and more)here


Also watch these for future RELATED items:

along with Pakistan's Dawn dot Com, watch Daily Star and of course the usual sources of Arabic/English reporting - at least as many are saying in "so many words" we do have the beautiful rhetoric and in many cases wishes/intentions to which we will be able to refer in terms of current and future nominations to key players such as Philip Mudd and heads of military and other leadership positions representing the new US administration and her citizens in key places of conflicts. Let's pray, hope, watch and wait:

Keep watching also:

UPDATED: Posted Saturday, June 6 2009

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America’s Violent Extremism
By Paul Craig Roberts

After the euphoric attention to idealistic rhetoric dies down, Obama will be criticized for extravagant words that create unrealizable expectations. But were the extravagant words other than a premier act of schmoozing Muslims designed to quiet the Muslim Brotherhood in our Egyptian puppet state and to get Muslims to accept US aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Obama‘s Reception In Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley
By Franklin Lamb

The Bekaa Valley seems to like Obama, are hopeful that American will finally stop enabling Zionist colonialism in their part of the World, and will be a friend and ally for Lebanon

A Critique Of President Obama’s Speech In Cairo
By Mirza A. Beg

If he does not follow up with concrete policies, these lofty words and ideas, the critics would have been proven right, but one needs to give him some time

President Obama’s Vision For The World
By Tomichan Matheikal

Both the content and the tone of President Obama’s speech at the Cairo University differ distinctively from his predecessor’s similar exercises says Tomichan Matheikal

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