Friday, June 26, 2009

VICTORIES to celebrate on Int. Day in Support of Victims of Torture

Breakthroughs, Announcements, Actions...and other items are highly recommended for those who have the time and interest....There are ACTIONS on many of these recommended or implied - Let's put our money where our mouth is....And make your calls in your own voice and heart wherever possible - calling on the legacy that the leader wishes to leave to his or her own children and grandchildren.

At the end, there's also the URL to the Convention against Torture and a short review for a book: -Torture is a Moral Issue-

A VICTORY Against Torture! here

More from SOAW dot org here House of Representatives Votes to Force the Pentagon to Release Information to SOA Watch (there is more to do!)

TODAY is International Day in Support of Victims of Torture here(Find a call for ACTION for torture survivors at Human Rights First!)

Find an interesting write-up for this special day on Andy Worthington's site
here where I found the FIRST ever published photo of BAGRAM PRISON'S interior.
A "sally port" holds detainees before their transfer to cage cells

Also you will find on Andy's site (as well as at Democracy Now! - a video/audio with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviewing Andy and hear a "bite" of Obama unfortunately joking about the unfortunate Uighers.

Another recent VICTORY! (read all about it in numerous places with APA US Torture involved) The American Psychological Association at last comes to full terms with their complicity with torture and here are some of the behind the scenes facts!

The long time CIA connection

The APA Board makes major statement

Hoorah for the honest and compassionate psychologists who spoke loud and clear to power!

ALSO RECOMMENDED for more study and action:

Psychologists/Torture Video and More - No Place to Hide Psychologists and the APA (American Psychological Association)here

US Political Action After Downing Street here

Busiest activist DETAINED PRISONERS group with continual updates and more mostly about US and British detainees in the so-called "war on terror"
Cage Prisoners here

The most thorough site on GITMO files, updates and more (the Comments are unusually educational and lively): Andy Worthington's amazing, energetic work!

Broken Laws/Broken Lives - A Medical Study here

See various sites for North Carolina Stop Torture Now - a grassroots coalition of individuals working to end the practice of extraordinary rendition.


Check out: NCStopTortureNow dot org See Blog and MUCH more

NCSTN at the UNC Parr Center for Ethics' Symposium: "Torture & Interrogation:


Also keep watching the long-standing Human Rights Groups and Humanitarian International Organizations: Human Rights First, Amnesty, International Committee of the Red Cross Red Crescent, Human Rights Watch, Doctors Without Borders and various other professional groups without borders.

New Book! Torture Is a Moral Issue: Christians, Jews, Muslims, and People of Conscience Speak OutTwenty four scholars, military officers, and religious leaders call for an immediate end to the practice of torture, paying particular attention to its use in the American war on terror. Writers include: William Cavanaugh, Rabbi Edward Feld, David Gushee, Imam Yahya Hendi, Scott Horton, George Hunsinger, Adm. John Hutson, Ingrid Mattson, Sister Dianna Ortiz, Rabbi Melissa Weintraub, Carol Wickersham. Torture Is a Moral Issue begins with background material, including vivid firsthand accounts from a torture survivor and a former U.S. interrogator in Iraq. The heart of the book contains respectively Christian, Jewish, and Muslim arguments against torture, and the final part charts a way forward toward a solution.Dr. George Hunsinger, Professor of Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary, is the founder of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture.$19.95 includes postage and handling.

Paperback Published by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co256 pages; dimensions (in inches): 6 x 9; 2008ISBN: 978-0-8028-6029-3Price:$19.95 here

We need not only to be aware of the horrific treatment of human beings with the use of torture but also the spiraling out of control of lying as it's based on an "incoherent mosaic" (as Andy said) of false accusations that implicate more and more uncharged and often found to be innocent people and lead even to war such as the misuse of the prisoner who committed the alleged suicide in a Libyan cell (look this up on Andy's site)

Current News

6/26, Ari Shapiro, National Public Radio, Proposal Offers Specifics On Preventive Detention

6/26, Andy Worthington, Huffington Post, Never Forget: The International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

6/26, William Fisher, Inter Press Service, U.N. Asked to Probe CIA Rendition

6/26,, National Disbar Torture Lawyers Coalition to File Formal Disciplinary Complaints and Call for Dismissal of 'Torture Architect' and Current Top CIA Lawyer, John Rizzo, and Other Current and Former CIA Lawyers

6/26, Delia Lloyd, Politics Daily, Human Rights Expert: U.S. Should Launch Torture Probe

6/25, Fox News, FBI's Reading of Rights to Terrorists Riles Some Lawmakers

6/25, Tom Deweese, Canada Free Press, Government Gone Mad in a Total Surveillance Society

6/25, Jon Stokes, Ars Technica, FBI compounds mystery with secret justification of gag order

All of these above at bordc dot org (scroll down for news) or GO here
Let stop this Insane Morale Breakdown Spiraling Out of Control! We can do it!

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