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"Precisely Wrong" (What the DRONES Did in GAZA) & More Updates on Palestine-Israel

Photos from GAZA

UPDATED June 30, 2009 added to earlier items...
PRECISELY WRONG - On the hellish use of DRONES in GAZA and more.
ASK: What about now in PAKISTAN? (whether or not the Drones take the same form, or "hide" from world view for a while in other disguises - they're all wrong for multitudes of the same and other reasons.)

Please see this telling slide show/documentary as well as the article and a thorough report from Human Rights Watch

GO HERE first

ARTICLE: Israel: Misuse of Drones Killed Civilians in Gaza HERE

Palestinians Barely Surviving in Gaza -
REPORT from International Committee of the Red Cross HERE
Much earlier reports on this site oneheartforpeace as the bombing of Gaza was taking place (it may be necessary to go to January on the blogsite?)


See more from January and from the young journalist in Gaza who sounds so brave, competent and peace-loving! here

A blatant DENIAL posted by Global Security dot org here
Related Concerns from Israel and Palestine

(The following was sent to my list-serve: Palestinian Christians at YahooGroups dot com)

Demolition orders reach Convent homes inside the Old City
From Jerusalem- Tuesday 23rd of June, 2009

Today the Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre has learned of new house demolition orders against at least four Christian families living inside the old city of Jerusalem where local Churches accommodate more than 500 homes for Palestinian families. The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate and the Catholic Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land own most of these homes. Churches are already facing difficulty in attaining renovation permits and expansion is almost impossible. One of the Church lawyers confirms that even the Churches already have court cases with the municipality of Jerusalem on similar issues. One of the Church leaders bitterly criticize the different treatment given to Jewish settlers inside the city wall where they are granted permits for expanding and renovating the properties under their control.

In these four cases in particular, the families were addressed individually by the Israeli municipal authorities and court cases are underway. One of the defendants, Sami Wakileh, recalls the Judge telling him, “It is a waste of your precious time. Do not dream of receiving any permit…” This means that the existing home will be demolished sooner or later. Sami's house is actually an old building that he leased from the Church and spent over a hundred thousand dollars to fix and renovate. In another case, Bassam Ayyash, who rents a 50 square meter apartment from the Greek Orthodox Church inside the Patriarchate's convent has also received a demolition order claiming that this 50 square meter apartment is an expansion to his home! Bassam is puzzled with the persistence of the authorities in not agreeing to come and investigate the matter when he confirms, “My only home is the 50 square meter apartment."

Last month, ten Christian families in Beit Hanina, a suburb area of North East Jerusalem, received demolition orders for their six year old apartments in the Al-Sunbula building. Half of the building was licensed originally while permits to formulate the rest were not given. Now all the inhabitants face the same fate if the municipality carries out its threats.

Housing inside Jerusalem has been a burden for all Palestinian families. With an extremely difficult process and impossible permit system coupled with the high cost of living in Jerusalem , building or having one’s own apartment is becoming a dream. The Christian community struggles with the family re-unification system and residency rights restrictions imposed by the Israeli Authorities. When one Jerusalemite cannot live together with his or her spouse who is a West Banker under one roof inside Jerusalem , the ultimate effect is that less and less couples decide to get married. Father Ibrahim Faltas, the Roman Catholic Parish priest of Jerusalem , declared last week that the number of Catholic marriages this year is almost half of what they experienced during the previous years. New Jerusalem Christian families are more and more forced to leave their home city either to the neighboring West Bank or emigrate if they have the chance.

END NOTE: I had plans to post much more inspiration here for much needed balance...yet as these reports have just come in I decided I needed to post them and to add to a draft.

Let's hope many and the key folk will soon make the URGENT changes needed - by posting some of this to PAKISTAN newspapers and writing letters to US and Pakistan Authorities. There are so many current parallels and cautions yelling to be heard regarding the use of Drones!

So not only with deep sadness over the agony of Gaza, I am compelled to post these reports in the hope readers/reporters might get the word out to relevant parties. Surely many are disseminating these crucial news around the world. Only multitudes would raise an outcry NOW - perhaps the same may be preventative in other places such as Afghanistan and Pakistan?


ReeBz said...

This post of yours is pretty long and information revealing.i haven't finished reading it yet,however i still feel like commenting in the mid.

Though i want to speak something but i find myself speechless.In my heart i'm guilty,and Embarrassed! Man kind has suffered alot from the terrorism,so many of innocent lives have lost because of terrorism and i'm busy in my life?Isn't it mean? Perhaps most of us are waiting for the same to be done with US?If we are not raising our voices today,then tomorrow no one will stand for us!

the first link you provided.. it says all itself.. "a picture worth thousand words"

ReeBz said...

Perhaps most of us are waiting for the same to be done with US?

i think it needs some clarification,i did a typo here. By US at the end of the sentence i dont mean united states but "us".

will be back again after reading full post.

off to the topic,i sent you my article of DAWN at ur email id :)

ReeBz said...

Hence the misuse of DRONE missiles by super powers has been proved on world level.
Don't know why Connie i'm not confident enough that there would be any power in our "ONE" cry.Cause you see the whole world is going wrong.There is no check and balance,no rules and regulations for those who are enjoying supremacy over others.
One who has power is the leader of all "Evils".This war will never end until the "power-enjoying" states and those who are misusing their resources are put to punishment.

what is the role of U.N.O in such circumstances? Do you think that UNO is successful for what it was established?

I'm depressed and sad,may be thatswhy the fact that you are with "innocents" & your cry mingles with us all,i'm only seeing its dark side..

I hope,one morning all the darkness and evil get defeated by the power of "justice" and only the truth and happiness prevail...

Life is for all to live..

Connie L. Nash said...

Decided to leave this here for other students to see as well - yet this is especially for you, ReeBz

I really loved this by you..."I hope,one morning all the darkness and evil get defeated by the power of "justice" and only the truth and happiness prevail...Life is for all to live..."

NO MATTER WHAT - never lose this hope, dear ReeBz! I love your beautiful caring faithful heart. We do want the same so passionately!

Somehow I have faith that your nation's strong wise people will resist some of my nation's ill advised actions and choices. Nothing is nor will be perfect - yet we can concentrate on what is given us to do each hour and moment. We are not all required to do everything - although sometimes this post may give that impression. :) I am smiling wryly at how innocently you are teaching me about my own need to listen to my own words.

And there is NO way you need to feel guilty. I do feel some for contributing to your depression and sadness with these detailed topics.

Your job is most likely only to do your student work well and whatever responsibilities you have with your family, your mom, your friends.

The petitions, letters to world leaders, outcry - these are usually for us older ones here to figure out for the most part. Even by you recognizing what you already see - you are contributing much towards peace and change. (My current idea is to contact Kathy Kelly and her group from here to see what they might advise and how we can keep building a campaign to end the drones from here. (of course, we also have to simply recognize the dilemma is currently quite complex in terms of what your leaders are facing and I'm sure many of them are sincere in at least wanting to lead to the most protection for your country as a whole over the long range. I'm feeling with them in their struggles as well.)

Would perhaps feel less sadness and depression if you just sought out most of the time the more positive and hopeful inspirations of mine and other's posts? Even if they are about Pakistan - don't feel at all the need to read these. Apologize to your mother for me. I will try to do better, honestly.

Sometimes I feel better just doing one little action about a topic. For you perhaps just one little letter say once every month or every other month or so to the editor of a magazine online or newspaper? Then IF you want me to I can post it and/or get it out here...BUT this may not be for you to do?

Do you mean the UN? YES, we do need to keep challenging them along with our leaders to stop the drones as well. I do think they are trying to do so...

Meantime, we can only pray to the portion "given" to us and be satisfied to do that alone and well. Your responses, blogsite, faith and concern are teaching me this as well.

By the way, I liked your article for Dawn and want to read it again before I respond to that. I know I will want to share that on my blogsite to make more aware of the beauty, history and expanse of your country. You are already quite a writer and your range of interests along with your passionate heart for the best for all will continue to go a long way toward waking people up and inspiring true change. :)

ReeBz said...

Connie thanks alot for this warm reply.

In one way or the other,i agree that these petitions and letters to the world against terror is the work for older persons,but i do think that you need "us,the younger ones"to be more strong & to feel more encouraged!

Its not the time to decide You and ME but its the time to hold hands and say "WE".

No doubt Connie your efforts for Peace are extra-ordinary.One most important thing i have learnt from you is to remain "hopeful" always!!

Connie, you have Me with You.I'm willing to be the part of your work,your community and you will find me always with you--shoulder to shoulder.
Thanks for feeling the pain of the innocent,poor hearts.Hope it can bring world wide change for those in the misery.

Thanks for liking my article,and i would be extremely happy if you are planning to give it a place on your blog :)

Connie L. Nash said...

ReeBz, dear friend - I am so glad to be a part of yur community and work as well. I feel your pain as well for all the innocents and suffering hearts! Yes, if there are millions around the world seeking for a better way - surely like a single drop of rain in a stream, a lake a sea the oceans between us - this had does and will have an effect. Yet, I'm seeking to be more in tune spiritually as well - so that my activism can be rooted more deeply. So, that is why I know you will find your own way to do the same - even when that might take an entirely different path than that of others.

Next week I hope to do a series of posts on the beauty of Pakistan and that's when I want to post your article one of those days.

Busy weekend for something a little unusual for our 4th of July here - I hope...something to tie us together around the world.

ReeBz, I'm really so happy we are in one another's life!