Wednesday, June 24, 2009


About time that Pakistan had some cheering up. What could be much better than this well-deserved success with World Cricket?! Recently, I was encouraged to post something on this event by a new Pakistani friend. So here's my start. Look for my friend's catchy enthusiasm remarks coming as soon as I can get a few translations.

Maybe you readers want to take a breather from the serious onslaught of dire news as well? Just read and watch the catchy enthusiasm about this recent victory! I'm not much of a sports-watcher and certainly no expert but felt that my blogsite needed something lighter now and then anyway. And sometimes such universal joys can be one bridge toward peace, no?

You will learn a lot and find the most ALIVE information and comments from Pakistan itself, of course! Try here at this Pakistan Newspaper, Dawn dot com here with plenty of behind the scenes items, readers enthusiasm - maybe you'll add your own congrats?, photos and VIDEO Highlights!

And this one with the telling comment "This victory is more important then our 1992 World Cup triumph." here

Another VIDEO: here

Credit to Dawn and wires for photos
Following is a beautiful, contagiously glad comment from my new Pakistani friend who goes by ReeBz. The few translations are from URDU:

We are more than we are, WE ARE ONE!!!!

Hum hen Pakistani hum to jeetain gay, han jeetain gay...(from a song by Famous Pakistani ex-singer Junaid Jamshed. In English: "We are Pakistani, so We will win" in this song he is saying as we are Pakistani we shall win every time no matter how bad the situations and conditions)

I'm happily amazed how we all stayed united during the Twenty20 WorldCup, especially in the semi-final and the final. Only a few representatives of Pakistan were struggling for Pakistan's victory seven seas far, but here each and every Pakistani's heart was beating for Pakistan's success. Every loving Pakistani was busy in praying for their victory - thousands of sms prayers made me smile,cheerful,excited and hopeful.

I'm not a die hard fan of cricket. I don't even know the basic rules. I'm totally unaware of the technicalities of this game. I don't know what role the pitch played in our victory nor do I have any information whether it was the batting pitch or bowling. I just know one thing: I'm a Pakistani and I WON!!

We proved our mettle in LORD'S.

We gave a message to those who are wise enough to understand the hints:
Don't try us - we are not easy to be defeated!! When we get united we are more than we are - WE ARE ONE!!!

We are one nation - under one flag. We are Proud Pakistanis, We are Brave MUSLIMS!!

Like all Pakistanis my eyes got dim with thankfulness and gratefulness to Allah when our team members offered "sajida-e-shukar"*** immediately. That's what we are! (see note below)

Here I want to quote the golden words by Shahid Afridi. When he was asked in the Semi-final if his team was going to win the final as well. He gave a very straight-forward reply with a very confident tone and firm belief in Allah. It was short but was all-in-all.

He replied " INSHAALLAH"

kafir he to shamsheer p karta he bharosa,
Momin he to be- taigh bhi lerta he sipahi..

(These are the poetic lines from geat Eastern Poet "allama iqbal"

One depends on the sword when lacking in faith:
One who has faith may not need weapons in the fight.)


*** sajida-e-shukar: There is no Exact word for it in English or perhaps for non-Muslims - still, this may define the meaning -"prostration in gratitude"

THANX so much, ReeBz - I am all fired up by the event, your post and the use of poetic URDU, translated with such poetry as well! With Gratitude! Connie

Readers, how about placing a COMMENT of support for Pakistan and the expert Cricket team below on this site? (there are usual google password requirements to post but if you want, you can send your comment to me (put "Congrats Pakistan" in subject heading)


ReeBz said...

I cant the pleasure and joy i'm feeling by reading this post:).
i agree with you cent percent.Sports often play a very vital role in establishing "peace".
I'm a proud Pakistani as we won this worldcup.its a great victory and no doubt its a great news for every Pakistani, as these days Pakistan is facing some very bad times,wars with in the country.
At such time, this world cup really made us smile cheerfully and its no wrong to say that we forgot our sorrows for moments.

I must say,this post is alot enthusiastic atleast for me, cause i'm reading and enjoying the photos with the eyes of Pakistan's citizen.
The third photo with the title i can say "Dear Indians"caught my attention.Its a great picture.India and Pakistan are traditional rivals so at the times of victory such placards with light "mocking" messages are common and it aslo adds to the joy of the victory :)

Thanks alot Connie for giving our victory a place at your blog :)

i'm going to reply your mail shortly :)

Connie L. Nash said...

Thanx, ReeBz - I really look forward to your reply and your welcome ongoing information, excitement about this victory and much more!
Your suggestions mean a lot to me and open up my world - even to that of international sports. Now I'm going to watch and learn about Cricket!

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

We Pakistanis are very passionate people, we love our country, our cricket, our dreams, our friends and our families. Greg Mortenson in his epic biography THREE CUPS OF TEA writes about us that in Pakistan the first cup of tea is provided to the stranger, the second cup honors you as a friend and the third cup promotes you to “family,” in which you are embraced by “family” members who would do anything for you — even die.

T-20 World Cup victory means a lot symbolically to us , we seems so rejuvenated and united after this victory and there is an air of celebration after a long time.

Connie L. Nash said...

Akhtar Sahib thank you for this comment which expresses well what I have understood of Pakistanis even during a short time. Sometime I'd like to know more of your response to Mortenson's -Three Cups of Tea- and other books you'd recommend - perhaps Pakistani - to readers who want to learn more about your country and people?

Connie L. Nash said...

Soon I hope to return to more posts about Pakistan!

ReeBz said...

Loads of thanks for this beautiful blog post for us :)
Not to mention,i'm really pleased and honored to see my post on your blog :)

It is looking perfect now that how a non-Pakistani and a Pakistani are affected by this victory :)

Connie L. Nash said...

Dear ReeBz,

How I love that you have included me in all this. There have been very few posts that I've enjoyed doing as much as this one! You are right, it's so perfect now to see how we've both been affected by this victory from our two different "spots" across the world from one another! How I long for Pakistan's joyful and peaceful longevity more and more - often as if I were really connected to your country - and maybe on some unfathomable level, I am?