Monday, June 8, 2009

US Judge Sotomayor

For a similar blog post, also refer Also to The Journey of Hope blog: here

First: From one of our Abolition (Against the Death Penalty) Movement's heroes - Bob Herbert: here

And also note this one at NYTimes For Sotomayor and Thomas, Paths Diverge at Race here

Some Items from Karl Keys' Weekly Report (A lawyer who is consistently active providing legal documents and pulling together legal info from a variety of sources):

Judge Sotomayor's completed Senate Judiciary Questionnaire...available for download

Second Circuit Hearing Excerpt here

Second Circuit Questionnaire here

Second Circuit Questionnaire Part ii pdf: here

Professor Marjorie Cohn, President of the National Lawyers' Guild
NLG Calls for Reasoned Analysis of Sotomayor Nomination here

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