Friday, June 5, 2009

In Southern Sudan, one out of seven children dies before the age of five. Help IRC

Southern Sudan IRC

In Southern Sudan, one out of seven children dies before the age of five. Too often, families are stricken with the unimaginable grief that comes with the loss of a child.

It is a shocking reality - but one the IRC is working day and night to change.

Today, we are just $30,000 away from hitting our $1 million goal - which will allow us to bring lifesaving treatment directly to children in Southern Sudan.

Help us reach our goal by making a critical gift today.

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has awarded $750,000 to the IRC. Our challenge is to raise an additional $250,000 to help us dedicate $1 million to save the most vulnerable lives across Southern Sudan.

Since the launch of the IRC's Child Survival Program four years ago, child deaths have dropped by an astonishing 81% in the two areas where we operate.

But to reach every child who needs our help and expand our successful program throughout Southern Sudan, we must train thousands more community volunteers to treat children for common killers like malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea.

Help us save more children by taking advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Your generous gift will help us reach our $250,000 challenge goal - and allow us to dedicate a total of $1 million to the IRC's Child Survival Program in Southern Sudan.

If we exceed our goal, the additional money will be put to work in other IRC programs, helping the people of Southern Sudan, as well as refugees worldwide complete the journey from harm to home.

I assure you that the IRC is an effective and efficient steward of your hard-earned dollars. Of every $1 the IRC spends, 90 cents goes directly to programs that benefit refugees.

The $1 million we hope to raise through this campaign will have an enormous impact in Southern Sudan because the supplies that our community health volunteers use come with small price tags. For example, medication to cure life-threatening diarrhea costs just fifty cents, and a bed net to protect a child from contracting malaria costs only $7.

By supporting the Child Survival Program, you are giving children a second chance at life.

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Thank you for standing with the IRC and helping us provide a happier and healthier future for the children of Southern Sudan.


George Rupp
President, International Rescue Committee

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