Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Excerpt from Siddiqui Trial: The Defence (Wednesday)

"Despite the fact that the prosecution has brought 6 eyewitnesses to testify against Siddiqui, Qadeer is the only eyewitness who does not have a connection with the U.S. military. If Mr. Qadeer’s account is correct and Siddiqui was not shot in self-defense then U.S. soldiers could face criminal charges in both U.S and International Courts. Moreover unlike all the Government witnesses, Qadeer’s account has been consistent from the beginning when the investigation began just days after the shooting...Another effective defense witness William Tobin who has worked for NASA who testified as a forensics expert said that in his opinion a photograph showing two holes in the wall were, with “scientific certainty”, not consistent with either a high velocity or low velocity bullet hole. He said they were simply “not bullet holes”.

Posted on 27 January 2010 at ibrahimsajidmalick dot com by Pramilla Srivastava

(Excerpt from full article posted below entitled here on One Heart for Peace:
"DAY SEVEN: A VERY different Account...")

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