Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dr. Aafia: COMMENTS which should give pause

Sometimes comments analyze events and issues better than most mainstream local media:

Here are several found in a local newspaper:

Why are all your articles on this subject only ever about Dr. Aafia Siddique 'not behaving', 'booted from her trial again' or 'barred from from taking stand'??? Why don't you ever actually report on what is being said in the court room or how the trial is unraveling? I don't remember reading anything on 'conflicting testimonies from eye witnesses' or 'Soldiers giving different versions of where she was when the M-4 was allegedly fired and how many shots were fired' or more importantly 'FBI official saying that the finger prints taken from the rifle, which was purportedly used by Siddqui to shoot at her American investigators, does not match hers'...now you see these reports/news would be VERY interesting to read - wouldn't it?....or are you 'NOT ALLOWED' to write about anything that would show Dr. Aafia Siddique in a possitive light????


wow a lot of killers here! slit her throat? wow!! Wake up. Look at the language used.. "possible" Al-queda assoc., "alleged" TERROR fixer!" what? "suspicious documents?" notes with NY LANDMARKS!! what notes??? who did the grapho analysis? "possible" EXPLOSIVES...what does possible mean? Its an alkaline battery - BUT POSSIBLY a bomb!! a rich man with a bloody glove, would first accuse the cops of racism, then the crime lab unit, then our corrupted legal system... A 4.9' woman was shot on her turf in Afgan?? detained in Karachi for 7 years prior (to capture??:) - tortured (Wiki), kids tortured/missing... a cognitive neurosurgeon?? But who cares!


I cannot believe there is so much hatred here. It is reminiscent of the hatred for another group of peoples back in 1940's Europe. Being from that era and living through that, I cannot express how ashamed I am of the commentators who are condemning this woman WHOM THE GOV'T HAS ADMITTED HAS NO LINKS TO TERRORISTS OR AL QADA and thus far the gov't has admitted there is no physical evidence she every fired a rifle. You are only condemning her because of her skin color and her religion. Shame on you!

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