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Notes on: DAY EIGHT: Woman denies charges in Afghanistan shooting trial

Photo left less troublesome days - photo on right allegedly a composite by police/FBI
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Look for more comprehensive articles on DAY Eight Thursday Soon

Watch for the following mistakes and problems (and more) with various US articles during these two weeks scheduled for Dr. Siddiqui's trial - notice some of these in the following articles for today, Thursday, January 28th and previous items - ones still to come:

1) There has been NO official charge (other than wishful or associative vague implication) to a terrorist group made by US Government and yet headlines and articles continue to make this association in error or perhaps to take advantage of the case to sensationalize or to draw attention with inflammatory subject headlines and reporting. There have been several glaring examples of this in New York newspapers and on TV news.

2) The ins and outs of BOTH the Prosecution and the Defense requesting that Dr. Aafia Siddiqui NOT personally testify at this rial (and in the past at hearings and pre-trial events are much more complex than is indicated by some news. There have also been some careful deliberation and decisions made yet mostly, I understand, day by day yet not indelible. Also what' often missed by quickly written news has been the reasons for such choices.

In articles such as those below the exact truth of how defense, prosecution, Dr. Siddiqui and Judge Berman stand on whether or not she will be encouraged to speak in court is not clear to the court but has perhaps been decided day by day, in my limited understanding. In the case of the defence, I understand that the motives have been in Dr. Siddiqui's best interest.

In today's case, there was a great deal of apparent openness and preparedness on the part of the defence team to Dr. Siddiqui being questioned. There was a preliminary period when Dr. Siddiqui was questioned by the defence and obviously defence and the Dr. Siddiqui had prepared well.

3) That Dr. Siddiqui has "acted out" in court is NOT new and has taken place in various pre-trial hearings. The context is also very important - among numerous possible reasons: continual day-in, day-out isolation from all but prison staff;
likely experience of multiple abuses psychologically and physically - thus unknown how much pent-up anger toward all legal aspects of the US prison/court/"justice" system affect this distrust.

4) Last but not least, if we consider Dr. Aafia's children are STILL missing after all these years, we may begin to develop a bit of empathy for what she's been going through for years and thus have a heart as she struggles with her frustration and built-up hostility toward an entirety from whom she has been abused.

More points to be made about the missing pieces and inaccurate portrayal of Dr. Aafia and this trial soon.

THURSDAY POSTED ARTICLES for January 28 (Thursday):

This article is misleading in several ways (to be named soon) although less superficial than some common media. here

Stay tune for more detailed and informed reports of Thursday's trial events.

The following is SERIOUSLY misleading but I'm posting it here 1) because it's one of the first reports on today's events and 2) because I plan to address the problems with both these two reports soon by better reporting or eve my own original report:
Pakistani Scientist Denies Shooting Charge here


Again, there are worrisome insinuations in this article as well:

JANUARY 28, 2010, 4:43 P.M. ET Siddiqui Denies Trying To Shoot Soldiers, FBI Agents

Wall Street Journal: Siddiqui Denies Trying To Shoot Soldiers, FBI Agents - Jan 28, 2010 4:43 P.M. ET ... Aafia Siddiqui testified Thursday that she was concerned she was going to be transferred to a "secret" ...

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