Saturday, January 30, 2010

Where are Aafia Siddiqui's Children?

Although about a year old and before the eldest son was returned (perhaps after world-wide pressure including from Human Rights Watch?) this article may help remind those following the case that previous to the trial there were some articles that indicated eye witnesses did see nor hear some of the allegations made during the time Aafia was in Afghanistan and taken into custory. here

MORE SIGNIFICANTLY, WHERE ARE THE OTHER TWO CHILDREN? One of them, like the older son now finally returned - is a US citizen.

How could anything be more a type of torture than using threats against a parent - a mother - TO GAIN JUST WHAT THE GOVERNMENT WANTS in terms of untrue evidence against her? Is not threatening to kill and rape her daughter unless she says and does what the government wants (those she so graciously terms "false Americans") about as low as anyone can go in this "war on terror"?) What might any of us parents do or say were we tortured in this way let alone holding the children somewhere unknown for even a week let alone FOR YEARS.
The witness of Dr. Aafia is that she received threats of raping and/or killing her daughter along with much more and that this was held over her if she didn't respond as she was told. What can be more against the Geneva Conventions or any standard to which the US has signed even in times of war than this: TO THREATEN DR. AAFIA WITH THE MISTREATMENT AND LIVES OF HER CHILDREN AS SHE CLAIMS THEY HAVE DONE?

Frankly, Dr. Siddiqui's own testimony was far more believable than the constant contraditions and the smoke screen of supposed eye witnesses presented by the Government during the past two weeks.

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