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Dr. Aafia UPDATES & CONTEXT: The Spectrum (will be updated)

UPDATES: Various (This site to be UPDATED SOON)

While some reports unfortunately continue to use the misnomer and inflammatory 'Lady al Qaeda' in their headings and sometimes others leave out so much which could provide the public with a little more depth and context, at least there is a shift or turn in coverage, I've noticed - to allow a little more listening and humanity to Dr. Siddiqui's own story:

Defendant in Afghan Shooting Trial Takes Stand by C. J. Hughes NYTimes here
Please read and if you also noticed the changes for the better, let Mr. Hughes know. Also looks like those who commented are mostly making the most obvious error of presuming guilt by inference rather than by proven or at least corroborated fact from reliable sources with witnesses who have pertinent information about the case and who are directing their comments to the actual charge. Also as yet to be written up in a developed story is the fact that a number of the witnesses had a variety of reasons to provide the kind of information the prosecutor wanted to hear - even if based on misinformation if not lies.

Among these: Training as well as in some cases close friendship with the people about whom they are testifying; payment of at least one key witness in green card and other perks; assumptions based on what the witnesses were told (at least in some parts of their witness preparation rather than what they were given as corroborated information; failing to ask themselves for possible reasons for Dr. Siddiqui's carrying of the purse with the suspicious information - ie: Who may have required her to copy certain items in her own handwriting under torture or threats to kill her children or using such may have deliberately provoked her anger and been led under drugs or even with psychological abuse to carry such a purse. In other words lots of what happened could well have been a set-up.


Thanx for the changes, Ms. Gendar, and I plead with you to stop putting the inflammatory and inaccurate title "Lady al Qaeda" next to Aafia's name. That would not only be refreshing but would also add to your respect as a journalist.

Defiant 'Lady al Qaeda' Aafia Siddiqui calls charges she opened fire on Americans 'ridiculous' By Alison Gendar DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Originally Published:Thursday, January 28th 2010, 2:53 PM Updated: Thursday, January 28th 2010, 5:24 PM Read more:


See the Family of Dr. Aafia Sidduqi's Official Site for a variety of related items including the DAY BY DAY MEMOS and other items here



In light of several high profile people held and tried in same vicinity, read this one: Judge Ellis v Madoff v Aafia siddiqui: You make the call GO HERE..and ask about our US twisted values and priorities: A female "David" some have said against the "Goliath" in Aafia's case and in the other perhaps Maddoff (representing the corrupt US capitalists and bankers) treated comparitively so gingerly is "Goliath" against the "David" of decent American Citizens and in some sense the whole world of decent citizens who he has ripped off.


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