Tuesday, January 26, 2010


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(not unlike other contradictions throughout the trial thus far yet perhaps the most striking to date?)

"Chief Warrant Officer testified that his team ... brought Dr. Siddiqui to a military base in Ghazni, where her wounds were treated. The same day, two FBI agents took her to another military base in Bagram for medical treatment.

During cross examination when defense attorney Charles Swift asked him why his testimony today differs from his operational review (aka W5) filed the same day of the incident, sworn statement 4 days later and several statements to FBI, Chief Warrant Officer did not have a satisfactory response.

In his earlier statements he had said he saw Dr. Siddiqui lung towards his rifle and he decided to let her take the rifle and shot with his pistol instead. But on Monday he told defense attorney: “I must have wrote it incorrectly.”

Today he testified that Dr. Siddiqui fired as he did, pretty much simultaneously.

Issue here is: can Dr. Siddiqiui pick up M4 rifle and fire with the same speed that Green Beret with fifteen years experience fires his pistol. Chief Warrant Officer told defense attorney: “as I look back it was certainly amazing she got it up that fast.”

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