Monday, March 15, 2010

Caterkiller & Israel: The Heat is On! (ACT for the Children!)

STOP the Caterkiller - Please sign this petition: here Israel destroyed over 4000 homes in Gaza with D9 bulldozers during "Operation Cast Lead."

An armored Caterpillar D9R Bulldozer used by the IDF.

Companies Supporting the Israeli Occupation: here

This was posted March 16, 2010 having been Updated...

By Ken Dilanian, USA TODAY WASHINGTON — Israel's announcement last week, during a visit by Vice President Biden, that it would build new homes for Jews in ...
USA Today leading to a deep chasm. Biden gets Snubbed in Israel: Analysts see ongoing tension with Israel over settlement ‎ - March 16, 2010 EST USA Today dot com here

Biden-Israel Blowup Backstory hints at interesting turn of events: Is the "house of cards" getting ready to tumble? Talking Points Memo dot com here

Rachel's Parents in Haifa - open dot salon dot com blog

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State accused of whitewash as Rachel Corrie suit begins - Haaretz dot com here

See this well-done and SHOCKING video on Catepillar Bull-dozers - modified to be especially destructive and to UPROOT olive trees, DESTROY Palestinian homes, BUILD the SETTLEMENT houses for Jewish/Israelis (contributing to the current fiasco between Biden and Israel) and to Kill people who "get in their way"...such as Rachel Corrie here

Home and Livelihoods Gone in an Instant /Rachel Corrie Background



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