Wednesday, March 17, 2010

(NOTE on 7th year) HIDDEN BEAUTY: The Arches Cluster - Densest in Our Galaxy

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Hidden behind a veil of interstellar dust is the densest cluster of stars in our galaxy, the Arches Cluster. Within a span of two light-years, there are some 2,000 stars, including as many as 150 stars that are close to the maximum theoretical limit of mass, beyond which a star will quickly explode into a supernova, then collapse into a Black Hole.

The Arches Cluster cannot be seen with a normal optical telescope, because of the vast clouds of dust obscuring the view, but with infrared sensors, enough information has been collected by Hubble and other, ground-based telescopes to create this artistic depiction of the cluster. It is located a mere 100 light-years from the center of our galaxy, represented by the red blotch at lower right.

The Arches Cluster is so named for the glowing arch of hydrogen filaments at upper left in this rendering, illuminated by the intense energy being generated by the massive stars. Each of the 150 largest stars emits several million times as much energy as our sun, bringing the temperature in the cluster region to a very uncomfortable 63 Million degrees.

The above was found courtesy of Hubble and hubble photo of the week as well as Stereo Man for posting these! here

Gratitude also to THAT DIVINE SOURCE which through such beauty and marvel speaks to something containing our ONE heart...

I also want to introduce another post about such inter-connections from a friend - I believe he took this photo:

Credit to AVD

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Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

How small and insignificant we feel when we look at the outskirts of our world. Our universe such an insignificant element in the milky way and milky way such insignificant in all scheme of things. Yet we feel so powerful when we stand to pray and come direct into contact with the creator of all this, who has made us so small but so important and powerful by making us his vicegerent. Look at the possibilities that are out there, oh fighting on our petty issues is such a waste!

Connie L. Nash said...

How beautifully this is put- the paradox - both apparent opposites so true...'ve captured perfectly the deep sense of awe I feel and experience upon such a natural yet "telescopically photographed" scene and the incomprehensible pondering...thanx for your inspiration which expands this little post.

Also, how reassuring to see such perfect compatibility between our "theological and/or spiritual" awareness...

regardless of the many miles and the waters between us, our families, loved ones, country folk and our own religious traditions, groupings, scriptures and teachings...!

Oh the wonder and oneness we that is a marvel!

How many resources we do have for such acceptance, understanding and joy upon such discoveries...