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Singer, Songwriter, Poet: Pierce Pettis: of the fine details without the gloom

This photo just made me think of poets and travelers (from the internet cache unamed)

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MUSIC & Poetry can be such HEALERS and BRIDGES...maybe be even better than most and function sometimes as sleep and dreams - like painting...

See Especially the WORDS and MUSIC online To "Dance" , "That Kind of Love" , "I am Nothing" , "Farewell" , "Veracruz" , and "Hallelujah"

I am a poet and recognize others...this guy is among the VERY best!

I'm looking for YOUR favorite music with some Audio/You Tube to put here on this post. (Plz let me know your favorites here in the Comments)

A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Roberta B. Schwartz

Pierce Pettis is truly a songwriter's songwriter. He has dedicated himself to serious music making for some thirty years. Hailing from Alabama, he became a staff writer for PolyGram Publishing in Nashville. Joan Baez covered one of his songs as did Dar Williams and Garth Brooks. Until now, he has remained just under the radar as a popular solo performer. His January, 2009 release, That Kind of Love, may change all that.

The recording is expertly produced by Garry West, one of the co-owners of Compass Records. He surrounds each of Pettis' songs with support from some of Nashville's finest musicians, among them: Stuart Duncan (on fiddle and banjo), Phil Madeira (on Hammond B3 and accordion), Kenny Malone (on drums and percussion) and Garry West himself (on electric bass).

The opening track, Nothing but the Wind, grabs you right from the start. It was written by the late Mark Heard, whom Pettis credits as a hero both as a songwriter and a man. It's got Phil Madeira on Hammond, Rob McNelley on slide guitar and Stuart Duncan on fiddle. But most of all, the melody takes hold, and you go along for a wonderful ride.

I Am Nothing is simply put, a great, great song. It is about a singer/songwriter, Don Dunaway, whom Pettis says "has labored in obscurity at a small tourist bar in Florida for over 30 years." It's got a powerful beat and even more powerful lyrics:

I am nothing
But the angels sometimes whisper in my ears
Yeah, they tell me things
And then they disappear
Though I am nothing
Sometimes I like to make believe
I hear

Andrea Zonn contributes perfect vocal harmony, and Pettis accompanies himself on guitar.

Farewell is the kind of song every songwriter would like to call his/her own. It tells the story of a maternal ancestor of Pettis' who was given away in marriage at the age of sixteen, to a much older man. She travels from her native Rhode Island, down to Alabama, far from the sea. Pettis has captured the melancholy, the hope and the fear. He has also captured the tenderness he feels for the great, great, great grandmother he only knows through family lore. Here is her story.

The title tune, That Kind of Love, is moving, tender and true. Both the melody and the lyrics stop you in your tracks. For a moment you forget about the harsh realities of the outside world. Only a truly great song and an even greater songwriter can do that.

If records were novels, That Kind of Love would be the kind of absorbing read that makes it to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. Instead we have an album full of story songs intelligently written, with beautiful melodies. Each tune reaches deep into the heart. The music of Pierce Pettis is timeless. That Kind of Love should be in every music lover's collection. It is simply that good.

Track List:
Nothing But the Wind (Mark Heard)
I Am Nothing
Veracruz (Robert Vega/Pierce Pettis)
Lion's Eye
You Did That for Me (Jonell Mosser/Pierce Pettis)
That Kind of Love
Talk Memphis (Jesse Winchester)
To Dance (Greta Larson/Pierce Pettis)
Hallelujah Song
Pastures of Plenty (Woody Guthrie)
Something for the Pain

All songs written by Pierce Pettis except where noted.


urooj malik said...

Beautiful post.

Poetry and Music were the first thing, i was most fascinated ever from. Melody that teaches you how to Love, and how to wish for wings in happiness or even how to fly without wings sometimes. Beauty that washes each and every dust particle, was previously in your eyes.

I learn from music and poetry, specifically from consensus music and consensus poetry that to Love, how to trust and how to care......

urooj malik said...

Here i am giving links of two songs, i am inspired from present Pakistani music.
The songs are traditional, sang in new style by two of the youth's favorite singers, but i must say these are lovely at least for me.
I just mentioned these songs because the poetry is old and Majestic and music is new but lovely.

Connie L. Nash said... Try this too with Interview & That Kind of Love...I dedicate that to all artists and writers here especially you, UROOJ!

Also look for "Love's Gonna Carry Me Home"

I will return soon to listen to YOUR songs...thanx for coming by!

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

Poetry and music creates same vibrations as colors in a painting and soft touch of a beloved.