Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Detainee Updates UK-US-CANADA-IRAQ

Detainee Updates - Besides Andy Worthington's which is here

UK Rights Calendar 4,5 and 11th of March (with link to calendar & urls on the hearings) here

US SIGN ON for a Special Prosecutor for War Crimes (with the Whys & wherefores) here (scroll down for a version to send by email - ask me for an easy version ready to go for your blog or website: newlease7@yahoo.com )

Recent item on the CIA destroyed evidence -Findlaw with document:

Where's Omar Khadr Going? Not Back to Canada Anytime Soon

Harvard item International Criminal Trials for the Guantanamo "Hard Cases"

Keep watching Bill of Rights Defense Committee for some of the best Rights News here Such as US Attorney Rules out Waterboarding March 2 '09

The Hard Cases by Jane Mayer here Be sure to go to the recent online version of The New Yorker for Mayer's Updates!

Iraqi detainees evidently down to 13,832 from a peak of 26,000 two years ago.The prisoners are being released or transferred to Iraqi custody to meet the requirements of a security agreement that took effect on Jan. 1.American forces in Iraq can no longer hold suspects without charge as they have done since the U.S.-led 2003 invasion. The agreement requires the American military to hand over detainees wanted by the Iraqis and release the rest.The military says in a statement issued Tuesday that it has been releasing an average of 50 detainees a day. Yahoo! News March 3, 2009

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