Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Renditions and Binyam Mohamed

Associated Press: Binyam Mohamed Refused to Trade Silence for Freedom

The Associated Press reported March 23 that Binyam Mohamed, a man Aero Contractors helped disappear and whose wounds or scars from torture was documented by an Aero Contractors' employee, was offered freedom in exchange for a promise to deny he was tortured in U.S. captivity.

Mohamed was realeased February 22 -- without charge -- from nearly seven years captivity and torture at the hands of U.S. agents or their proxies in Morocco and Afghanistan.

In Morocco, Mohamed was exposed to regular sessions of genital mutilation, and according to a report in the British press, endured beatings nearly up to his release from the U.S. prison camp in Cuba. Read Mr. Mohamed's comments to the British press, including his report that he was beaten and mistreated until only days before his release.

Mohamed was twice flown to or between torture chambers by pilots who live, work and worship in or near Johnston County, and as shared with the Johnston County Board ofCommissioners during their March 2 meeting, an employee yet working for Aero Contractors gasped as she captured photographic evidence of the wounds or scars inflicted on a man no longer perceived as a threat.

For additional information on Mr. Mohamed's ordeal, including explicit and exhaustive detail regarding the involvement of local pilots employed by Aero Contractors...

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