Monday, March 23, 2009

Interested in Death Penalty Issues?

Find plenty to engage your reflections at The Journey of Hope Blog -- here

Note that the Amnesty ANNUAL Report was discussed on BBC News World (for 2008) and the short version is on The Journey blogsite...Go: here

Don't miss the STATS from the Amnesty report to be found on Dr. Rick Halperin's Death Penalty News & Updates right here You will also be rewarded at Rick's site today by an interesting article about Texas and personal story.

Of course, we've also been following the New Mexico breakthrough quite thoroughly on The Journey sits!

Then keep going for much more, including the schedule for the German Journey of Hope!

Once you've done this, be sure to search for articles about and by Senator Russ Feingold -- 'cause he's at it again -- one of our most faithful abolitionists ever. Please let us know what you hear about his current activism to Connie with Subject Heading: Russ Feingold. Here are just a few reports on his current efforts: FEINGOLD'S Website: here And also find a report at Alternet dot Org - Click here

Thanx for tuning in!

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