Sunday, March 15, 2009

Top 30 GTMO Articles December through February/More Rights Items

here Also, see earlier yet recent items and Comments for these - they are really filled with little publicized information which British and American readers on Rights need to know to be of much use in the war on torture which may be the most important war going today. (Both in terms of Human Rights and in terms of how the rest of the world sees us, cooperates with our negotiations and more.)
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Current News (from Saturday -Watch for more on Monday, March 16th)

3/14, Editorial, Las Vegas Sun (Nevada), Respecting federal laws

3/14, Philip Shenon, Newsweek, The 9/11 Commission and Torture

3/13, Jason Leopold, Public Record, Judge to Decide if CIA Wrongly Classified Documents in Torture Tape Destruction

3/13, Associated Press, Obama admin. to end use of term 'enemy combatant'

3/13, Caroline Alexander, Bloomberg Wire Service, U.K. Resident, Freed From Guantanamo, Criticizes MI5

3/13, Steven R. Hurst, Associated Press, Advocates worry Obama easing human rights stand

3/13, Associated Press, US justice department argues former detainees have no constitutional rights

3/12, Joe Palazzolo, BLT: Blog of Legal Times, Spy Court Up and Running in Its New Home

3/12, Aimee Kligman,, Guantanamo: what to do with the Chinese Muslims

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