Friday, March 6, 2009

HEADS UP on peace, non-proliferation, justice issues

Look for the following:

NPR has some important new items in Morning Edition today on practice toward the flying of the GTMO detainees to finally appear (more than the very few who have) in civilian criminal court...this is both a striking symbol and actuality of change as well as a return to the rule of law. Although Obama is quiet about some issues we Rights Folk want changed yesterday -- I believe he secretly is hoping we - along with the legal and reporting experts and the many human rights groups - will keep doing our homework, petitions, letters and talks with our legislators - so that when the time comes, sooner or later for a Special Prosecutor or a Commission - the truth will out and strong reprieve - if not imprisonment - will ensue for the "cowboys" from the former administration AND THEIR LAWYERS!

Also, on the INTERNATIONAL SCENE: NOTICE THE DEBATE ON DARFUR AND al-BASHIR - look at what Desmond Tutu is saying to rebuke the AU spokesperson(s) for "dissing" the call to try him for all but genocide! Yet pray, hope and petition for the safety and ongoing work of the human rights groups and the people of Darfur.

Come back for much more on this.

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