Tuesday, March 17, 2009

WHARUM? WHY - Killings like the school one in Germany?

My co-blogger, Susanne, who live in Germany and works with me on The Journey of Hope blog, just wrote an amazing blog-post about the recent German tragedy of the school killing. So I wanted some of the readers here to be sure to see it:


I just added the following Comment to the earlier Comment I made at the above click/site's comments. If you haven't yet read this amazingly poignant article, please read it!

I also want to add that since I wrote the last Comment to this blog, Warum? Why? - there was yet another tragic injuring of helpless Moms in France near a childcare center. And we haven't but touched on or even mentioned others in the US and elsewhere.

So, ongoing concern without singling out places or types of folk are needed. This is a complicated issue, Prevention, albiet with some complicated/compound & some profoundly simple dynamics, like the question: what can we do,what could we have done BEFORE such a tragedy occurs to make it less likely next time?

Keep reading Kristin Houle's timely & rare site: Prevention not Punishment.

Please send your comments as well to The Journey of Hope blog and/or this one.

And way tops on the list is how to provide the best kind of support for the victims' family members to survive with some manner of mental and spiritual health? To always remember, no matter how glad we are for the abolition of the death penalty, here, such as in New Mexico - that at the same time, we must needs also honor and care for the victim's family. We must always support the means to healing whether or not there is early on or late a recognized need.

Perhaps healing doesn't always need a lot of money? What have you known to be some sources of such healing?

All of the above are in keeping, if not central, to the mission and stated definition of
The Journey of Hope and therefore this blog.

Your comments? Your suggestions?

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