Saturday, May 30, 2009

AFGHANISTAN - Bagram Theater Internment Facility: 600 people - another version of GTMO?

The Bagram Theater Internment Facility in Afghanistan in many ways is another version of Guantanamo. It holds around 600 individuals—outside any legal framework.

HRF staffers Gabor Rona and Sahr Muhammed Ally just returned from a trip to Afghanistan to study the situation on the ground.

Their interviews with former detainees tell a familiar story: after capture in their homes, detainees were hooded, shackled, given orange uniforms, held in isolation and sent to Bagram for several years without knowing the basis for their detention and with no process to challenge their detention. Some are transferred for prosecution in Afghan courts, but these trials are based on little or no evidence, as exposed in HRF's Arbitrary Justice report last year.

Sahr and Gabor are documenting their findings in a report and have already met with the administration's Special Task Force to discuss their recommendations on detentions in Afghanistan.

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