Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 RIGHTS News//Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Calls for Impeachment

Current RIGHTS news...find all of these at bordc dot org

9/11, Editorial, Philadelphia Daily News, At ground zero: The nation's soul

9/11, SecurityFocus, Court protects cell-phone location records

9/11, Lynda Lin, Pacific Citizen (CA), 9/11 Seven Years Later: Civil, Human Rights Needed for All

9/11, Canadian Press, Canadian officials frustrated in efforts to ensure care for Omar Khadr

9/11, Jane Sutton, Reuters, U.S. charges Afghan prisoner at Guantanamo

9/11, Ken Camp, Baptist Standard (Dallas, TX), Torture fails to ensure national security, experts insist

9/10, Editorial, The Republican (Springfield, MA), Open government must be preserved

9/8, Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!, "We Need to Remind People that You Cannot Trample the Bill of Rights"-Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Calls for Impeachment

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