Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Help Stop Troy Anthony Davis' Execution Today!

Those who are horrified of the Death Penalty:
Remind Georgia NOW what Georgia SC Chief Justice Said

Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears recently wrote, "I believe … it's time to examine whether Georgia's current method of enforcing the death penalty and its attending consequences are compatible with the dignity, morality, and decency of society's enlightened consciousness, and is reflective of a humane system of justice."

Will Troy Anthony Davis be killed by the State of Georgia, USA tonight at 7 PM ET? As Bob Herbert of the NYTimes said: "What's the Rush?" There is so much to indicate his much earlier confession was the result of intimidation and threat.

Please look into Amnesty International Press Releases, former President Carter's statements, Rev. Al Sharpton's plea for clemency and thousands who are protesting this planned state killing around the globe...

Last Day for Troy: Please FAX /CALL Georgia Parole Board Fax Numbers:
(404)-651-8502 (404)-651-6670 (404)-651-5282 (404)-463-6627

PHONE: 404 656-5712 Also see ONLINE Amnesty Action, other contacts & information/Contacts at The Journey of Hope dot blogspot dot com.

FAX US Attorney General/White House if at all possible...Please do ALL you can.

Plea that we all lead a better legacy for our children!

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