Monday, September 29, 2008

No BAILOUT yet -- Blog Postings

ALL kinds of blogs after Ron Suskind's short one at Huff Post Sep 29-30

Here are a few that caught my eye:

Both the 'left wing' Democrats (disclaimer - there really are damned few of them) and the token fiscal conservative Republicans (also a rare breed any more) would be right though.

It was Wall Street being bailed out in hopes that a pittance of that money would come tinkling down (piss) from on high to help out the actual citizens. It was the final attempted act in Bush's corporatist socialism transfer of wealth to the few from the many.

Luckily - this particular incarnation of disaster for the common Americans has been averted - for now.
...there was a bank nationalized in Iceland today. Anyone getting the picture that this isn't just about the USA ? People need to wake up
A great quote that is ringing true:

"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."

- Benjamin Franklin

Ben left out business but he hit the nail on the head, once people/businesses find out they can vote themselves money, we are screwed.

What US economy?
All we do is sell paper?
This bailout is a bad idea.
We need to have a little discomfort in the real world for people to realize that this is what happens when you elect crimina.. I mean, free market, anti-government politicians.

If the institutions that stand to benefit from Bush'sBucketO'Money really have a sustainable operation, then let the market will out. Let the CDS holders claim their paydays.

Vendors of necessities, like food, will find a way to get their goods to the store. People won't starve.

I don't know how I'll buy any, though. I'm a Realtor. Wanna buy a house?
Where is your house? I have had several bankers ask if I would like some loans.....and I do not mean the crappy type. There STILL is money in the economy, just not between THE LARGEST banks. That is fine with me.

So, please do not buy Paulson's BS.
Bailing out Wall Street won't help the average American, in fact, it's going to do immense harm to average Americans. We'll end up with higher taxes, higher interest rates, higher foreclosure rates, lower wages and fewer jobs.

Wall Street's Daddy Warbucks gets the gold mine, and working Americans get the shaft.
I love how the basic premise - that this bailout was a good thing - is accepted.

Well it shouldn't be. You can't fix an economy with government subsidies or protectionism. it's been tried before.

I'm glad this failed.
If we are going to give 700 bil away during a recession, I'd like to see congress look at all the options and take their time to carefully deliberate.

And Suskind says "So, how did we get a war inside the Republican party that may leave the economy in shambles? " Answer: The economy has been in shambles for quite a while, led by a republican administration that started an unnecessary trillion+ war and a congress that went along.
Exactly. As if the economy was doing fine until this happened. The bank failures are a symptom, and not the cause.
Frankly, with a few exceptions, I'm sick and tired of the whole lot of them - both sides of the aisle.

I think it would be great if the electorate rose up en masse and just voted all of them out and brought in Independents, Greens, Libertarians, etc. to run Congress and put either Nader, Barr, or McKinney in the White House - and told the Democrats and Republicans to take a hike.

Certainly they couldn't do worse, they may actually do better, and it would be a definite wake-up call to those who want to play politcs when so many are suffering. +++
Humility appeals to me as a quality that allows for infinite growth but no bloating.

The appropriate political response to all of this is to let it happen. It meets the need of both Parties to let it happen. The free market zealots can painfully ride out the storm of not only their failed policies, which came out of their flawed paradigm, which emanated from their simple-mindedness. They can also slide down the fiery razor blade of dissent, in political flames, due to the backlash that will occur from the electorate as individual lives and fortunes are taxed heavily for being fooled in 2000 and sanctioning mass demise.

If this is to be our phoenix moment, let the Democrats emerge as the Party that rises from the ash-heap of America knocked out by greed, theft, and deception. Let it be a wake-up call to the revived Democratic Party that it too can be consumed by idiocy. Let this be the change we need, the change we thought, that new day that answers the fierce urgency of now. Here is an opportunity to take the fervor in speeches and apply it directly to the sitiation [sic]. Yes, there will be pain but there always is in labors of love. Let the reasonable band together, stand together, say enough, and not this time, and have it really mean something. Let us strike up the band and keep the beat bumpin"!

With humility... (adds more later)

...The appropriate political response to all of this is to let it happen and my reading of the patient that is America says radical surgery is needed.

Radical surgery would be to allow the markets to self-correct. That would cause a public stimulus that congress could never match. It would force the press to report on who is to blame as they watch their own portfolios shrink, and it would force the American people to pay attention because bellies will be aching from lack of food because mommy and daddy are under pressure. If you really read what I was trying to say above, I am calling for transformation not just electing a new president. Barack Obama has been touted to be transformational. Let him lead us into transformation by taking a hard stance on this Bill. He will do not that but that is what I think is required. Mr. Obama is walking that most difficult of tightropes and if he wins I will consider it destiny because the forces of evil are working day and night against him. He has to fight against perceptions of race, deceptions and hate, a compromised press, and a rapidly changing world in distress. That is why he has my support even though he is forced to play a game I despise. He cannot win if he does not play the silly game. This situation might just be the ticket to take him over the hump of doubt.

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