Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin at the RNC: A HUGE mistake....

Palin tonight removed herself from all who care about the Constitution and Human Rights -- US and International -- by her one comment said it all with such arrogance about Obama:

"and he wants to read them their rights!"

Well, wouldn't she, wouldn't her running mate want to be read their rights? Wouldn't each one of us want to be read our rights? Look up the can she say this at such a time as this with torture and lack of judicial fairness rampant? (see the article below..."When is Torture not Torture?") Also, too bad she used the word torture...because this will come back to haunt any who FLAUNT RIGHTS at such a time in history...just as Palin did without humility this night. Shame on Palin and on any who encouraged her to be so flippant with our fellow human beings who right now--thousands of them--are being kept hidden away in virtually hundreds of secret spots in order to hide the fact from the masses that they are being tortured, ignored, despised. Many of these under the auspices of the USA in complicity with the CIA who's mushrooming power is without question part of an evil pact.

Not only is this one enormous mistake in such a time--but it's downright disgusting!

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