Monday, September 1, 2008

UPDATES MIDDAY MONDAY: Gustav MAKES LANDFALL NEAR COCODRIE // Weakens to Category 2/Widespread Impact Expected

Gustav closes in on La. coast
The hurricane weakens to a Category 2 storm, and is expected to make landfall around midday. * Impact expected to be widespread--JUST IN: CNN Breaking News // TEXTBREAKINGNEWS@EMA3LSV06.TURNER.COM Wrote:

-- Hurricane Gustav makes landfall near Cocodrie, Louisiana.

Watch for updating & videos: Unless you must for health, safety & necessity, see help/give funding to local groups RATHER THAN TO THE AMERICAN RED CROSS...there is more on this in the August Archives...

There is a updated HELP/CONTACTS/INFO/PRESS Page for New Orleans & Area coming soon! Keep tuning in & tell your friends about this new site/Contribute your items on COMMENTS (must sign in to Google) and/or send to Connie:

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